The marriage between the two consequently further cemented the alliance between Savoy and Milan. Hij was de tweede zoon van Stefano Visconti, de vijfde van de zoons van Matteo I Visconti. They would then be awarded designations such as ‘vicarite for life’ in order to legitimize their authority over civilians. Voor alle veiligheid verliet Galleazo echter Milaan en ging zich in Pavia vestigen. Bernabò received a fate similar to Matteo's and was assassinated in 1385. Giovanni's military activities drew the ire of the Papacy during the late 1340s, which led to the Papacy writing a letter of complaint to Galeazzo II for the Visconti family's incursions in Faenza. It is thought that Galeazzo II and his brother, Bernabò Visconti, came to rule after successful plot against their third brother, Matteo II. [9], During the reign of the three brothers, they wanted to increase their privileges and governing powers, so they decided to re-establish good relations with Holy Roman Empire so they could acquire the status of imperial vicars. In 1361, Galeazzo II was also able to officially establish a university in Pavia due to a charter that was granted to him by Emperor Charles. [16] This would give rise to merchant families within Italian cities states, like the Visconti family who came to dominate Milan and the rest of northern Italy by the fifteenth century. Hij ging een langdurige incestueuze relatie aan met zijn tante Isabella van Savoye, die van hem vier kinderen kreeg. [23][24] However, multiple wars, heavy taxation and refusal to align with the papacy generated disapproval amongst Galeazzo's subjects. On May 8, 1355, a diploma of a new vicariate for the three brothers was forged after Emperor Charles IV accepted a payment of 150000 florins from them. Matteo II Visconti died five months after he and his two brothers obtained the title of imperial vicar from the Holy Roman Emperor and although the exact cause of his death was unknown, he left his brothers Galeazzo II and Bernabò as the two remaining co-rulers of Milan. Those who were exiled from Pavia prior to the Visconti conquest were allowed to return and they were granted political amnesty. [citation needed], Almost immediately after getting married, the two had their first and most well known child, a son by the name of Gian Galeazzo in 1351 who was married off to Isabelle, the daughter of King John of France. By doing so, Gregory XI looked to gain territory regionally and to deprive the Visconti brothers from international mercenary support. Galeazzo II VISCONTI is geboren rond 1320 in Milano, 3674, Milano, Lombardia, Italië, zoon van Stefano VISCONTI en Valentina DORIA. [33] There is also evidence of Petrarch being a guest of Galeazzo II's court, where he wrote for a number of years before his time in Padua. Galeazzo II Visconti (1320 - 4 augustus 1378) was een Italiaanse edelman uit het rijke geslacht der Visconti, dat van 1277 tot 1447 de macht over de stadstaat Milaan in handen had. [31] The University of Pavia, carefully fostered by Galeazzo II, and in turn by his son, Gian Galeazzo, would develop into a leader amongst the Northern Italian scholarly institutions, and would directly precipitate the widespread circulation of legal and medical texts throughout Pavia. Beginning his twenty-five year rule in 1378, Gian Galeazzo eventually became the first official duke of Milan in 1395. [39] The prescribed tortures included: the Rack, the Wheel, Flaying, Eye-gouging, the cutting off of facial features and limbs, as well as the Strappado; a form of torture where the subject's hands were bound behind his back, and then hoisted off the ground and repeatedly dropped with the intention of dislodging the shoulder joints, resulting in immense pain. Galeazzo II Visconti (1320 - 4 augustus 1378) was een Italiaanse edelman uit het rijke geslacht der Visconti, dat van 1277 tot 1447 de macht over de stadstaat Milaan in handen had. Dit gaf aanleiding tot heel wat oproer. One step beyond establishing the University of Pavia, Galeazzo II Visconti personally entertained scholarly figures at his court, and offered patronage to them while they remained there. Galeazzo II Visconti (c. 1320 – 4 August 1378) was a member of the Visconti dynasty and a ruler of Milan, Italy. [citation needed], As the archbishop of Milan from 1277-1294, Ottone wrested control over Milan from its previous rulers before skillfully maneuvering his nephew Matteo I Visconti into a position of power. He is largely remembered through the successes of his son, Gian Galeazzo Visconti, who was able to wrest sole control of Milan from his uncle Bernabò Visconti after Galeazzo's death. Galeazzo's fame is outstripped by that of his son Gian Galeazzo; under Gian Galeazzo the Visconti's status was elevated from mere rulers to dukes of Milan. Hij is getrouwd op 10 september 1350 in Rivoli met Blanche de SAVOIE, ze kregen 1 kind. [15] Gian Galeazzo succeeded his father and became the signore of all the lands that were controlled by his father. During the same year, another significant event occurred in his life on September 28. Galeazzo's son, Gian Galeazzo succeeded his father and uncle's rule and went on to achieve fame greater than that of his sibling and father. [35] The final Visconti legacy passed from father to son is that of embarking upon massive building projects. 1 Biography; 2 See also; 3 Notes; 4 External links; Biography. In order to weaken the Visconti influence, emperor Charles IV gave vicarite of Pavia to Giovanni Palaeologus II. A series of battles were fought between the papacy and members of the Visconti family, including Bernarbò and Galeazzo Visconti that ultimately ended in a peace treaty. Yet regardless of his achievements, Matteo later died a condemned heretic. [35] Very much in the same vein, Gian Galeazzo was able to mastermind a coup d'état against Bernabò, his uncle. Military figures such as John Hawkwood and Amadeo of Savoy were hired to attack the Visconti brothers and their city-states, Pavia and Piacenza. Tamelijk snel beslisten Galeazzo en Stefano dat ze zich moesten ontdoen van Matteo, en ze vergiftigden hem. His uncle also made him governor of Bologna.The following year, Galeazzo commissioned the Visconti Castle, otherwise known as Castello Visconteo located in Pavia. [17] Galeazzo II was granted this title as was his brother, Bernabò Visconti, once they gained territory in northern Italy. He had proven himself to be a capable diplomat and a lover of the arts. Before Galeazzo II became the ruler of Milan he was preceded by: Azzone (1329-1339), Luchino I (1339-1349), and Giovanni (1339-1354).

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