Mug cake is a beautiful thing. In this cake I found some adorable little mugs that look like ice cream cones at the Target Dollar Spot. After doing some research, it seems like the 3:2:1 ratio is the best way to go with cake mix mug cakes. All that you need is … In a microwave-safe mug, add cake mix, water and applesauce. Always add one more egg than it calls for. Store it tightly sealed in small zip-top bags that are placed in another airtight container in a cool, dark place for up to 3 months. They are the perfect size for mug cakes! Reply. I’m going to be honest here, I love mug cakes. Reply. Notes. This 2 minute microwave mug cake is delicious! I tested this with Pillsbury and Betty Crocker cake mixes. Sprinkle remaining over top of the batter. Thanks for the 'food' ideas;-) Really love your site and recipes. August 19, 2012 at 10:49 am. The result is a super fluffy, super moist and incredibly good mug cake that’s perfect for celebrating a birthday or just for celebrating anything worth celebrating. Instead, use melted butter and double the amount that is asked for. You can use any mug … To make a mug cake mix, all you need to do is mix together a few batches of the dry ingredients. ~tracy. Allow cake to cool a few minutes before eating. This Funfetti mug cake is a birthday cake in a mug! Patti. It's so delicious I don’t think I want to bake a traditional cake ever again! How to Make Funfetti Mug Cake. Mix with a mini whisk until batter is smooth. How to Make Funfetti Cake Mix Taste Better: Are you using a boxed mix? Cook in the microwave at full power for 1 minute. Now the water: subtract 2 ounces for that extra egg and the amount of that extra butter. There are a ton of homemade mug cake recipes out there but I had some leftover cake mix in my cupboard from making my Cake Batter Fudge. Medeja. August 19, 2012 at 12:49 pm . Video. So if you are craving for something sweet, this is the perfect microwave 2 Minute Funfetti Cake Mix Mug Cake. Looks so fun! You literally mix all of the ingredients up in a mug and give it a stir. Made your 3-2-1 Mug cake (using lemon cake mix) for dessert too….Wonderful meal. How do you make funfetti mug cake mix? If you’re feeling a little skeptical about mug cakes, please try this out! HOW TO MAKE THIS EASY FUNFETTI MUG CAKE RECIPE: ... My hubby was so pleased to have "food" again lol. Replace the oil! You can pretty much ignore the back of what the box instructions tell you. If using chocolate chips, add and stir in 1 tbsp into the batter.

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