Because they were probably the best bass ever made and still are. Fender - American Professional II Precision Bass MN Miami Blue L'American Professional II Precision Bass s'appuie sur plus de soixante ans d'innovation, d'inspiration et d'évolution pour répondre aux exigences des bassistes d'aujourd'hui. But it has always lived in its shadow. It seems Fender is on ‘It’s A Small World’ in Disney again. The early 60s were brilliant and excellent. Copyright © 2020 Mega Music. Here is a company, known and heard live and on TV and the radio around the world, but it could be argued that they lost their way. That’s why people want them and pay a fortune for them. We're here to help! With this Bass, they have tried to recreate the neck. I know that from personal experience, I own two of them. Now Leo had something to sell. No discussion. It is necessary, in fact, essential to the development of music. They had used Ash, and since tried Basswood, but Alder is the wood they should choose. The stand out feature is the neck, which is very good. The American Professional II Precision Bass® draws from more than sixty years of innovation, inspiration and evolution to meet the demands of today’s working player. It is the inspiration behind many great musicians, past and present. They have completed the design styling with a 3-ply white pickguard. Maybe that is because they hired the British ex-CEO of Disney to steer them the right or the wrong way. Designed from the ground up to offer you an ideal gigging and recording instrument, the American Professional Precision Bass boasts a bevy of player-friendly features. Alder became the Fender favorite. Two controls for volume and tone. At least it has four strings and a single-coil pickup. Find out more about Art and see his 1962 Precision Bass by clicking HERE. The ’63 P Bass profile neck now sports smooth rolled fingerboard edges, a “Super-Natural” satin finish and a newly sculpted neck heel for a supremely comfortable feel and easy access to the upper register. The truss rod is different; they preferred a more modern design and materials, but that isn’t a major point, and it has its 34-inch scale. As we said, the body is Alder, which is a good start. It was always the ‘glamour’ Precision. The Fender Precision Bass is the electric bass guitar that started it all. This American Professional Precision Bass is the latest incarnation of that ground-breaking instrument. As a bass guitar, it is ok and better than much of what is around, but please, Mr. Fender marketing man, don’t infer in any way it is a ‘vintage’ Fender. And that was to design a bass to take the place of the cumbersome upright bass in jazz and other combos. As the Fender product deteriorated alarmingly, Gibson got better. So, let’s have a closer look at this Fender American Professional Precision Bass…. Nothing more. A sound that went around the world on more records than anything else. TortoiseBass , Tbone76 and RobertAuCoin like this. Basic as it was, it didn’t disintegrate when any sound was pumped through the single Jensen speaker. Let’s ignore the ‘marketing hyperbole’ that these people throw at us, and some people actually believe. Fender American Professional II Precision Bass Guitar with Maple Fingerboard in Black The American Professional II Precision Bass® draws from more than sixty years of innovation, inspiration and evolution to meet the demands of today’s working player. Fender American Professional Precision Bass Review, Fender American Professional Precision Bass Pros & Cons. It is what is inside. They still aren’t. It isn’t. There is the plain and simple double cutaway design that is recognized the world-over and copied, of course, endlessly. With a mighty history and tradition to consider, revising the venerable Precision - no matter how slightly - must keep Fender’s designers and shareholders awake at night. All rights reserved. They could make the original if they wanted to. The Precision was the first electric bass, for example. Sorry, the page you requested was not found. Required fields are marked *. If you want variants, that’s fine, but leave the governor alone. Today they still live a little bit in fairyland as a company. It is a fixed bridge with a four-saddle design. 1 713,30 € 1 713,30 € livraison incl. A Precision bass is a Precision bass. And they produced just about the first of everything. Fender had given the world the greatest bass the world had ever seen and have seen since. We doubt it. No complaints. It has never quite recovered in the eyes of some. Let’s cut to the chase. The original sound was legendary. He sold it, refined it, and refined it again…. But please don’t pretend you have created a vintage or a modern masterpiece and package it up in modern technology.

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