The place is known for having cryptic sequences and climbing moves, and challenging gear placements, so you need to get creative in many of the cruxes. Multi-pitch trad climbing enthusiasts flock from across the globe to enjoy the best Eldorado Canyon Climbing. Bastille is probably one of the most classic climbs in the world. Pro Tip: There is no overnight parking in Eldorado Canyon State Park, so be sure to find a different place to sleep! While there’s over 500 routes to climb, these are just a few I return to again and again with new clients. It has an extensive guidebook selection and a coffee shop. It’s a great route for a first multi-pitch climb that’s a little steeper than Whale’s Tail. It was first ascended in the mid-50s by WWII soldiers who had returned home. Soaring routes with fantastic positioning have earned classic status. 1-3 days. Located on the Wind Tower, and every pitch of this four-pitch route is staggering and diverse. What are you waiting for? Navigation tools (phone or map and compass), Communication device (cell phone or satellite phone), Sun protection (sunscreen and sunglasses). Summers are warm but typically crowded. The best way to explore the best of Eldorado Canyon climbing if you’re new to the sport is to hire a guide. There is something here for every climber, from full day classics to half day beginner friendly climbs. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive a discount and updates on 57hours offers, webinars, and reviews. Note: This website participates in affiliate marketing. What else should we know before connecting you with the guide? Drive into nearby Boulder for an array of awesome eateries including places like The Mountain Sun, Avery Brewing, or Snarfs Sandwiches. Her mission is to get you out on your greatest adventure. High winds are pretty common, and electrical storms can be very extreme and dangerous in this area, so always check the forecast to avoid getting caught in a gnarly situation. Climbing parties are notorious for getting lost on tricky descents and spotty cell phone service does nothing to help in these situations. Alright, so I may be a highly experienced climber, but I typically don’t climb at tougher grades. Here’s a few more details to get you hyped: The Wind Ridge is one of my go-to spots because it’s a good taste of what Eldorado Canyon is all about. It’s a direct line and pretty straightforward finishing on the summit of the first tower. Originally from Boulder, I grew up almost walking distance from Eldorado Canyon. You can’t mention Eldorado Canyon climbing without talking about the famous Bastille Crack (5.7, 5 pitches). 'Eldo', as the locals call it, has seen generations of climbers scale its mighty walls. Thanks to the proximity to Boulder, there’s a lot to choose from. Most vehicles should be able to navigate the potholes, but it’s unpaved and can be muddy after rains. I’ve worked with Mountain Guides Colorado (a division of the Jackson Hole Mountain Guides) for years. Certified AMGA and IFMGA Guided Rock Climbing in Eldorado Canyon and The Flatirons of Boulder, Colorado. For kids, this is a great route to learn the ropes on. There are many beginner routes that will help to get you acquainted with the rock and the canyon. Eldorado Canyon State Park is the crown jewell of the Front Range. It’s a proper old-school sandbag with really stiff, sustained pitches. Problems come up on the first pitch: it’s runout and there’s a lot of rope drag issues. As a Colorado local and a guide with more than 15 years of experience under my belt, here are a few of my favourite climbing routes in Eldo, along with some insider info to help make the most of your time there. Not only is it an amazing climb, it has a great history. It’s a great crack to learn how to place gear and there’s enough variation to keep it fun. I’d put Bastille Crack at 5.7+; it’s 5 pitches, and 350 feet of long, steep and imposing rock. Here are some of my tips, including a few hazards to be aware of, climbing route closures, weather conditions and what to bring with you, along with some local intel on where to get gear and grab a beer. If you’re up for fun, tricky moves throughout, with lots of different options to summit, the Bastille is not to be missed! You can (and I have) climbed in Eldorado Canyon year round. However, during the winter months, expect cold, sometimes wet, and snowy conditions. I like to explain Eldorado Climbing like this. Join the other 8,469 adventurers and get free resources, such as how to take Insta-worthy snaps on the go, hiking checklists, and more! However, with a variety of routes you’re sure to find a sunny face on a warmer winter’s day. Although I’m a seasoned climber and mounatianeer, I always make time for a guided experience. Climbing in Eldorado Canyon can be odd and it requires some getting used to. As a result, the area is fairly sandbagged. Check your promotional tab. Although there is sport climbing and bouldering, there are fare better climbing areas in Colorado for both of these activities. That said, it has some of the best routes in the entire country. While technical climbs do not require registration, it is your responsibility to make sure someone reports your absence if you happen to be overdue. Every year, the park closes certain crags to protect nesting raptors like gold eagles, so pay close attention to which crags are off-limits. Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter. She'd rather be dirty than done up. Eldorado Canyon holds some of America’s best classic climbs. Blind Faith is a two-pitch, 5.10 on the West Face of the Bastille. It’s a great climbing destination year-round. It’s 5.6 – 5.6+, but don’t underestimate it — you’ll have to employ crack technique, face climbing, and expect some liebacking hand jams, too. Famously named by climber Jim Erikson, who did the first ascent free solo in 1972, Blind Faith is notorious for it’s burliness. Walk-offs are confusing, route lines aren’t always obvious, and climbing conditions can get an alpine feel at times. The Park closes at sunset, no night climbing is permitted. Fantastic positioning, fun and engaging climbing with sustained movement. Hands down the best time to climb in Eldorado Canyon is from April through October. What starts out as a bright and sunny day can quickly turn once you’re up on top. Overall Eldorado Canyon climbing is a rewarding and fun experience. There are amazing features and cracks on … Handcrakekr Direct takes the cake for the best 5.10a with a beautiful hand crack that will get your heart pumping. Be prepared for anything and do your homework before jumping on the sharp end and you’ll find yourself with a smile on your face overlooking boulder from the top of the canyon. One small note on gear: Be sure to pack small cams and micro nuts as you’ll definitely need it in Eldo!

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