EHX Crayon might do the job on the cheap, as well as the DOD Overdrive 250. So, if I were to put the Crayon in front of it, you think I'd retain the key characteristics of my amp's tone, still? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Yeah, I'm checking the BB out now for reference. And if you literally just boost gain without cutting frequencies its gonna sound terrible. So I traded it for a boss blues driver and that's exactly what I was looking for. When I inquired about the availability of the Crayon, my friendly pedal pusher asked me "How do you know about that?!" Timmy is a great boost-med gain overdrive pedal you can get for $129 new. I would buy two if this was the case. Get some tips. The Klon is the end-all be-all right? I have a Neve 1073 and I plugged my guitar direct into it and from the demos i've seen on the Colour Box on Youtube, the Colour Box and the Crayon does a pretty good job at emulating the sound of direct in to a 1073. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Thanks for the heads up on the hot tubes, as well. Personally i think the Soul Food sounds terrible once you put the gain up. Recently I was able to check out two of the most promising budget/modeling combo amps released in 2016. The new Crayon overdrive, EHX’s full-range OD, is a winner. I hear its an OCD clone, which might just be what I'm looking for, now I think about it, (and so, the rabbit hole of the pedal deepens....), If you want a ocd clone them get the joyo ultimate drive, so similar it's scary, read the reviews or check youtube, best of all it's only $30. I’m assuming the Crayon is so named because, like a big box of crayons, it can handle a variety of chores. It's is a low gain overdrive that adds 'color' to your sound. Soul food is better as a clean boost, just adding a little bit of sparkle at the signal and making it more hi-fi, while the Crayon is a better as a standalone OD or as a volume boost. The problem is that they are all so different (yet all the same). Its not perfectly clean, but cutting some highs and a little bit of the lows while pushing out the mids is exactly what a pushed tube amp will do. It a... Just ahead of NAMM Fender announced that they were updating four amps in their current line. So EXH have done it again. The Crayon is a scaled down version of the Colour Box which is basically a pedal designed to sound like a guitar going direct into Neve 1073. I use the Caline as an actual OD, while the Zoom PD01 is a "always on" pedal, keeping things nicer while pushing my amp. EHX has made them rather affordable and to me, that is a recipe for disaster. If you want an OD/Distortion, get the Glove. The drive tone is what got me about the Crayon. I often look for bargains when shopping for music gear. JHS Colourbox -> crayon For me Jhs wins the name... you can't even compare the colourbox - which retails at about six times the cost of the crayon. I own too many dirt pedals. Please, people in  charge of naming these things, talk to the guy that names the Earthquaker Devices pedals. If you suffer from GAS as I do, then you are probably aware of the influx of pedals from china. Two major pedal manufactors do. "What should I name this pedal? Might I suggest looking into the Hot Tubes as well from EHX? The Four knobs are a departure from most of their small drive pedals. There is no pedal I enjoy more than a dirt pedal. The SF is very mid heavy. I'm not totally liking what I'm hearing, its a bit too grunty for me in most demos. I've already hounded my local music store about getting one. I have a Zoom PD01 (Klone) and … Like, way late. Looks aside, this pedal has gotten my attention. The Crayon is more a straightahead boost in the vein of the Coloursound Power Booster, which is what the silly name is likely referencing. And of course price. I'll admit that I am little late to this game. None of the Soul Food/OD Glove/Crayon bunch are transparent, and none of them are too nasty that they eclipse the tone of your amp (what pedal really does? It doesn't seem to really fit in with the modern aesthetic that EHX drive pedl have been given lately. The crayon has a nice gain structure with more eq control.

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