Serve them with the zingy tartar dipping sauce. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. It is fresh and spicy, and did I mention easy? Crispy Fried Oysters With Cornmeal Batter, Crispy, golden fried oysters with a cornmeal coating, Prosciutto-Wrapped Pears With Candied Balsamic Drizzle, Sweet, juicy pears make a great partner for salty, cured ham, Honey, Ginger, Lime, and Rum Glazed Shrimp, Fresh cucumber rounds stuffed with sun-dried tomato pesto, Greek-Style Eggplant Dip (Melitzanosalata), Greek Spinach Pie With Feta Cheese (Spanakopita). It's fairly easy to prepare, even if you've never made squid before—just slice, dip, and dry. These were amazing with the fresh, creamy burrata, but any style cheese plate would benefit mightily from the shiny, sexy fruit. You can omit the habaneros and add red bell peppers for a non-spicy version, but then again, why would you want to? Top crusty, grilled, garlicky bread with fresh, juicy tomatoes and aromatic basil leaves to make this simply delicious summer appetizer. So, with that in mind, we've come up with 10 easy, summer appetizers that don't require any cooking at all — letting you spend more quality time outside. Sweet, juicy pears make a great partner for salty, cured ham. We are all about grilled corn, green tomatoes, and grilled shrimp for Summer dinners. I like my summer party appetizers to be easy and low or no cook. They are a snap to bake up in your oven, with biscuit mix, parmesan cheese, eggs, onion, and pantry spices. These tender escargots in mushroom caps are smothered with wine sauce and cheese. A delicious and easy appetizer. Make them easily 3 or days ahead of your event, to allow time for eggs to pickle, and develop their flavor and color. With its vibrant red color and sweet and nutty flavor, this nutritious, protein-rich beet hummus recipe will be a stand-out on your summer buffet table. This easy recipe is made with prepared pizza dough, so it's fast and easy enough for kids to help with. Easy Summer Appetizers. If cheese isn't your thing, go grab a pint of vanilla ice cream, forget all about that sweet-savory thing, and just go full-dessert. Tasty shrimp appetizer skewers are great for enjoying with a glass of rum punch at summer backyard events. Watermelon gazpacho is a wonderfully sweet, no-cook, cold soup that makes a refreshing starter for summer meals. ... Shallots are the special ingredient in this easy, filling bruschetta. Yummy zucchini corn fritters that my family can't get enough of. 1. Simple appetizer - the balsamic vinegar gives it a little kick. This is a variation of regular fresh salsa with the addition of a habanero pepper. You don't have to wait for tomatoes to ripen to cook this classic Southern appetizer. Crispy, golden fried oysters with a cornmeal coating are a welcome addition to any backyard or cottage party and taste fantastic enjoyed with a cold beer. Add some diced jalapeños, or a few dashes of hot sauce, if you like your puppies with extra spice. Dried basil can be substituted but it is best with fresh. These fritters are light and fluffy with lots of zucchini and fresh corn. Cheese is optional, but not in my house. You can find the bite-sized mozzarella ('Bocconcini') at most supermarkets. Whether you're spending a weekend at the lake, attending a potluck lunch, or throwing a backyard barbecue, you'll be making these easy appetizer recipes all summer long. From spicy jalapeño poppers and cheesy quesadillas to tasty dips and spreads, showcase summer's best with these easy… Great presentation; always a hit! Add a crumble of bacon on top, if you like, for extra meaty flavor. The secret to great flavor is letting the chicken marinate in the spice mixture for at least 3 hours before loading it onto skewers and grilling. Assembled simply on toothpicks, this is a super easy appetizer to prepare, with zero cooking required. Best poppers you'll have off your grill! Get easy-to-follow, delicious recipes delivered right to your inbox. Vegan cucumber spring rolls stuffed with crunchy vegetables and fresh herbs are a refreshing cold appetizer for hot summer days. Toss chopped fresh figs with high-quality balsamic vinegar and black pepper, and eat them on slices of toasted baguette. They're a fun appetizer for game day or a kid's party. Fresh cucumber rounds stuffed with sun-dried tomato pesto are simple to prepare and make an elegant presentation on your appetizer table. Serve with pita triangles for dipping. It's a simple guacamole, perfect for dipping tortilla chips or serving with tacos. That’s the inspiration behind these Summer is all about backyard BBQ’s, cookouts and picnics. You can make this avocado salad smooth or chunky depending on your tastes. So refreshing and delicious!" 100’s of easy summer appetizers and sides for your next BBQ party! Beach bread is a popular South Florida appetizer recipe that takes garlic bread to a new level of indulgence. Black beans and mangoes mingle with chopped bell pepper, jalapeños, and fresh cilantro, in a simple, zesty lime and olive oil dressing. Serve it in a pitcher for guests to pour into glasses, or pour into martini glasses for a festive presentation. Yum! These bagel chips are heavy on the garlic and the real Parmesan cheese and Italian herbs give them a hearty flavor for satisfying snacking. The walnuts may be omitted if desired. The salty, meaty taste of Serrano ham is a natural match for sweet, mild honeydew melon in season. I just LOVE the sweetness of the cantaloupe combined with the saltiness of the prosciutto. Serve on toothpicks for an easy, hand-held appetizer. A nice twist on a classic favorite. Use superior quality Italian ham for best results. This great dip is always the first to go at our barbeques. This easy and refreshing starter featuring cantaloupe and cured ham (Parma ham for instance) can also be served as an appetizer: just cut the cantaloupe into bite-size pieces, wrap them with ham and spear them on skewers for a colorful snack! This recipe walks you through how to cook oysters easily on your grill. Here's a spicy Texas favorite. Serve with some peanut sauce, chili sauce, or soy sauce on the side for dipping. Great for quick breakfast or warm with butter as a dessert. Scrumptious, golden-brown corn fritters are an essential summer barbecue snack. The appetizers are either hot, warm or cold. Thick baguette slices are topped with blue or Gorgonzola cheese, tomatoes, chives, mozzarella, and parsley, and baked until melty. Shallots are the special ingredient in this easy, filling bruschetta. Children love it. This herb and cheese spread is great on crackers, sandwiches when bored with mayo and mustard, or tucked into beef Wellington! This is my Russian grandmother's version of Italian caponata. The warm weather is upon us and we are looking for some easy Summer appetizers to have at our next pool party. This is a really rich, dessert bread. Cut it into wedges or triangles to make a tasty, hand-held appetizer. These spring rolls are a refreshing change from the usual fried variety, and have become a family favorite. Omit the ground beef to make them vegetarian. Crunchy watermelon cubes mingle with creamy, soft fresh mozzarella and aromatic basil leaves, all slathered in a rich balsamic syrup. Four easy party dip recipes [above] Easy Summer Party Appetizers. This fruity and spicy salsa is yummy on just about everything from chips to barbequed chicken, tacos, and even tofu! Here, the kernels are tossed with tomato, red onion, avocado, fresh herbs and seasonings, and optional feta cheese, for a scrumptious salad. Make it a day ahead to make party prep easier, and bake it just before guests arrive. It is very easy, fast and delicious! Wrap pear wedges in prosciutto and broil them briefly to crisp the meat and soften the fruit, for a lovely, warm bite. This is great with tortilla chips or bread -- and plenty of cold iced tea! Flautas are crispy, flute-shaped rolled and stuffed tortillas that make a great summer party appetizer. We are all about grilled corn, green tomatoes, and grilled shrimp for Summer … They're easy to make too! This salsa is not for lightweights. Also great for dipping chips. The tomato mixture tastes best when prepared ahead of time and chilled for approximately 1 hour. They are filled with a delectable, buttery crab meat and breadcrumb stuffing, and spiced up with Cajun flavorings. It's fun to entertain in the summer, but it's also fun to take a break from your hot kitchen. Combine sharp cheddar cheese with cream cheese, pimientos, mayonnaise, and your favorite hot sauce. This easy, stunning, no-cook appetizer recipe uses chunks of buttery salmon, blending it with orange, lemon, and lime juices, slices of mango, red onion, soy sauce, rice wine, jalapeños, for an explosion of summery flavors. Fattoush is a warm, Middle Eastern bread- and vegetable-salad, similar to Italian Panzanella. Grilling the eggplant takes this garlicky, Greek-style appetizer dip to a whole new level of intense flavor.

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