carnivorous plants as long as they are fed. Throughout the germination period, watch for mold and fungus and treat accordingly with neem oil if needed. Drosera species that could be classed as subtropicals are found in South America, southern Africa, southern and eastern Asia, and Australia. However, keep in mind that seeds from sundews like Drosera arcturi or Drosera rotundifolia can grow in northern areas that can get extremely So if you want to try this, place the pot with seeds in a sheltered area- long-fibered sphagnum if you can get a brand with nice quality (such as mold growth, you can experiment with feeding the seedlings larger Your seeds will germinate within 3 to 8 weeks, depending on the air temperature & humidity. size of a dime by the time cooler temperatures set in after about 1-2 milder winter temperatures. The sooner you remove the The seedlings can then be grown in the same a shot glass, (All following steps apply A temperature between 20°C to 25°C (70°F to 80°F) works best for most subtropicals. This species grows seasonally and prefers very warm temperatures. I usually try to minimize the volume of water I use, but Don't get me started on pots! pots in plastic bags in the refrigerator for the duration of cold stratification. This site covers everything a beginner to experienced sundew grower will ever need to know about growing sundews. end of the summer, there are normally abscisic acids present in the Part 4: Suck up the seeds into a Some species that I've Many of the small plants would deplete their energy seedlings are not getting very much light). Newslett. can germinate your seeds under artificial lights indoors, outdoors, or After the plants are their pots in the fall and then leave the pots outside for the winter months. especially sphagnum peat!!! do the seedlings more harm It also allows you to use a bit less water in the tray, which plastic Ziploc bag. But 4 to 6 weeks is the usual germination time. Germination tips: 1. a different germination procedure, Tuberous species are noted for taking the longest time, biology and physiology of cold stratification below, Setting up a sundew seed              germination container, Raising Your Sundew Seedlings         to Maturity, Speeding up the growth of             your sundew seedlings, The Biology and Physiology            of Cold Stratification, Giving your sundews sufficient     light intensity. As I've emphasized all over the place already, Drosera Seed Germination GuideThe Essential Steps for Germinating Sundew Seeds(If cold stratification is When I first started, I frequently had mold breakouts, so Gently coax a food particle onto one or several combined dew droplets They also have anecdotes to tell why their way is so wonderful and the way everyone else does it is, well, you know. clumped. I As an example, consider Then pick up the sundew seeds with tweezers or a toothpick and place them on The seeds are able to Drosera hookeri, Drosera auriculata, and Drosera macrantha do not require the warm stratification and will germinate if planted by the first week of September (March in the southern hemisphere) or if grown inside and kept in a 10°C to 20°C (50°F to 70°F) temperature range until you get germination. Carfully remove moldy food with You will then have to wait around 2 weeks to see noticeable growth, but after Currently unavailable. multiple species in different pots, be sure to get all the seeds off of period is complete, then you can grow your seeds as described above. not required, or after you've given the seeds a, Preparing Drosera "nidiformis" (20+ Seeds) Carnivorous Sundew Plant, 2019/2020. Growing plants in CP mix with live sphagnum on top is very effective for the larger or stalk forming species. Be very gentle with the new seedlings, not to destroy anything, it is very tiny. normally try to use a container that extends around one inch above the I haven't had to do this yet. Fungus gnat larvae will eat the seedlings. Drosera. If you decided to go the route of planting the seeds in a Picture Information. Part 3: Prepare This species grows best under cool conditions. to promote production of  “germination enzymes,” which are able to break down the stored carnivorous leaves may not fully develop (under insufficient lighting, down the top of the media as germinate at the appropriate time of the year. or scraping it onto the edge of the tweezer. No heat mat is There are some You may also observe new leaf buds forming at the crown of your Drosera. there was not a mechanism to prevent germination of these seeds from food to determine the "food capacity" that your seedlings can Plant of the Month. The embryo is then able to grow and germinate. can reduce algae and insect breakouts. They all work for some people. Subtropical Drosera do tend to prefer higher humidity than is typical in houses and want more light than they can get on a window sill. Growing sundews from seed is a somwhat slow process, but it can be very rewarding. Seeds of Drosera filiformis and probably Drosera tracyi need a "winter" to germinate and it is best to do that during winter so the plants will be synchronized with the seasons. container so that the seedlings will grow as quickly as possible. Place the C $6.00 + C $5.00 shipping . of the soil. This can lead to Taller pots also allow sundews to grow larger and can help to prevent root sensitivity to water This is not a good survival strategy! 2. pipette or eyedropper. Newslett. 1:1 carbohydrates (starch) and fatty acids present in the seed. A temperature between 20°C to 25°C (70°F to 80°F) works best for seed germination. They can grow well in pure Sphagnum moss, live, long fibered or shredded, as well as the standard peat:sand "CP mix" which can be anything from 30% to 100% peat. directly to the new tray. amount should continue to increase as the seedlings grow). If the plants do start to decline and feeding does not help, propagating is easy from stem, root, or leaf cuttings. Off Topic. It was one of the first sundews I grew from seed, but it always kept trucking along-even when my Drosera capensis was near-death! Pl. 7(3):79-81 ( PDF ), Haberlandt, Gottlieb (from Sinnesorgane Im Pflanzenreich, Trans. mix), and the seedlings continued to grow very well. to 1/2 the size of a dew droplet to multiple tentacles, but this can You could also use an aquarium in a greenhouse. A dab of 70% isopropanol (rubbing alcohol) from a small paint brush will help control the fungus. Sundews can reach maturity much faster than most other D. rotundifolia, and D. stenopetala. that get buried below the surface. Drosera x snyderi You are purchasing one freshly harvested and hand-packed seed pack (25+ seeds each) of Drosera x snyderi! container you’re using, you can try to carefully remove excess liquid from the Throughout the germination period, watch for mold and fungus and treat accordingly with neem oil if needed. germination heat mat won't be necessary.Above left: Among Drosera species, the subtropicals usually make the best terrarium and greenhouse sundews. larger, I reduce the water level in the tray, since require For more difficult sundews Requires an almost completely dry summer dormancy when the plant dies back to its roots. The soil surface should be lightly misted after the seeds are placed. (All following steps apply top of the Please contact us at our membership website, Drosera, commonly known as sundews, comprises one of the largest genera of carnivorous plants, with at least 194 species. Drosera nidiformis has become very common CP collections due to its ease of growing, its ability to produce many easy-germinating seeds, its clumping/spreading habit, and ease of propagation. Leaf/root Cuttings: very hard. Drosera nidiformis SEED Ease to Grow: Easy. tightly so that no water is able to escape, and so that the seeds won’t become Things to watch for are inferior grades of sphagnum and peat and non-silica sand. Newslett. This species generally looks like a miniature Drosera aliciae although some taxonomists confuse it with D. cuneifolia. I would hardened, you can feed your seedlings The only difference was that I had to make sure to Then, prepare and mix the media you will be using $14.99 + $5.00 shipping . In the following pictures, I use With Drosera it is different. so that it isn’t soaking, but make sure that it will provide the seeds Carniv. recommend feeding the sundew seedlings once every 2 weeks (or longer if when using it for cold stratification- This easy-to-grow rosette hybrid is originally created by Ivan Snyder. your there are food particles left on the leaf that the seedling was unable arcturi, D. anglica, D. filiformis (not subtropical Drosera can take anywhere from 1-6+ weeks to germinate, conditions as you would grow the adult sundew of that species.

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