14. Vintage Suit: The schematic is in the first locked door in this chapter. 13. Flame Fuel: When you come across the laser traps, take a right from where they were. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, achievements, and secrets for Dead Space 2 for Xbox 360. Medium Health Pack: After you turn off the gravity and go through the holes in the ceiling, you will find it floating in the middle of the room. During the Drag Tripod encounter in the Church of Unitology, pause the game and restart from the checkpoint to skip the entire sequence and go straight to the Pack encounter. Code for DLC "Collector's Edition" Dead Space 2 Xbox ONE Hello! To enable cheat codes on the PC, an Xbox 360 controller is required. This mode allows you to start a second playthrough with all your weapons, items, and inventory from the previous game. Weapon Bonus: Contact Beam receives a 10% bonus to damage. You can follow the question or vote as … I have bought Dead Space 2 at Xbox ONE store (backward compatibility). This will unlock the Hand Cannon, which kills enemies in one hit. Read his posts here and connect with him on Youtube. The Elite Engineer Suit schematic can be found in Chapter 2 near the first store, just before the first short outer space section. Successfully complete the game on any difficulty to unlock the Hardcore difficulty. 23. Check out our new The Lego Movie 2 Videogame guides! , Check out the Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay reveal! Increased Damage (Seeker Rifle) – Reach Level 50. Dead Space 1 Plasma Cutter Weapon – Boot Dead Space 2 while having a Dead space 1 Save File on your hard drive. Use the Detonator to shoot them. Minimum of 25 inventory slots and 25% armor. Best regards! Contact Beam: The schematic is in the locked closet to the left of the spot where you first see the save station on the wall. Visceral Games Suit – Reach Level 59. 26. Search the indicated locations to find all schematics: Power Node: It is in the first Power Node locked room you come across. Elite Engineering Suit: The Elite Security Suit schematic can be found in Chapter 9 after exiting the tram with Ellie the first time; search over the railing to your right to find it on the floor. Using these cheats does not disable Achievements and Trophies. Dead Space 2 [Xbox 360/One - Download Code] Im Sequel zum hoch gelobten Spiel Dead Space kehrt der Techniker Isaac Clarke in einem neuen Abenteuer zurück, das den Spielern das Blut in den Adern gefrieren lassen wird. All rights reserved. 5. Line Gun Ammo: After crawling through the duct and falling, you will go through a storage room. This ability does not help you get the achievement for upgrading all your equipment, but it is helpful to re-assign (or take back) power nodes from weapons you do not use anymore. 11. You can unlock Hardcore Mode by beating the game on any difficulty setting. 9. Flame Thrower: After you exit the gym, follow the path, and go into the classroom to find the "Kids Gone Crazy" text log. You will be on a balcony, and the schematic is on the far right side on the ground. Instead of going through the gate behind her, follow the path around to the right where it is blocked by debris to find the schematic. For 5,000 credits, a re-spec is cheaper than a large medikit. Step 3 To generate your Dead Space 2 Code , Add your Game Console Account User name and Press Generate Button. Contact Energy: In the zero gravity station where you move the lasers to gain access to the shaft that leads inside, you will find the schematic if you look outside from the inside of the shaft. Can I buy a code for DLC "Collector's Edition" at store? Urban Camo Military – Reach Level 32. Logo Revealed, Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny Third Trailer Released. 4. Share: stLight.options({ publisher:'2c893999-73ed-42d5-9497-31507d2d27d5' }); Categories: Cheats, PC News, PS3 News, Xbox 360 News. Hacker Suit: It is at the end of the tram walkway area, near the spot you encounter the Fire Sack Necromorphs. Insert the four breakers in that circuit room so they are blue, and the access tunnel will now lead to a new room with the Peng treasure. Our Dead Space 2 codes, cheats and tips will show you how to unlock multiplayer skins, how to get infinite ammo and how to unlock special suits and weapons for this survival horror action adventure game. If you re-spec the RIG, any changes to a health node will reset Isaac's health to the new maximum. The Hand Cannon is a powerful weapon with unlimited ammunition, is a foam finger, and Isaac says "Bang Bang" and "Pew Pew Pew" when shooting it. And much faster once you upgrade. Force Gun: After you exit the elevator, turn left, and you will come across yellow lockers. Tiger Camo Blue Suit – Reach Level 41. 24. Everything is awesome! Solid Black Suit – Reach Level 13. Detonator: It is in a room at the top of the church by the save station. Each time you re-spec an item, it will cost 5000 CR. Minimum of 20 inventory and 15% armor. Engineer Isaac Clarke returns for another blood-curdling adventure in the sequel to the critically acclaimed Dead Space™. If you do not get the achievement the first time, reload, and try again. For Dead Space 2 on the Xbox 360, GameFAQs has 85 cheat codes and secrets. Upgrade the Plasma Pistol all the way. Hardcore Mode is made extremely tough because you can only save three times, ammo and health is scarce, and if you die you must restart from your last save point! Solid Red Suit – Reach Level 08. You will find it behind some shelves on the right side. Ripper: In the multi level room, ride the elevator down, then go to the right side of the room to find it. Reach the indicated level in Multiplayer mode to unlock the corresponding bonus: Additionally, you can unlock the Solid Viral Blue Suit, Solid Viral White Suit, Tiger Camo Viral White Suit, Urban Camo Viral Black Suit, and Urban Camo Viral Yellow Suit by killing a player that is wearing them. Sell the mines and Detonator for credits at the store. Beat the game on Hardcore Mode difficulty. Knock off all Tripods in this sequence to get the "Elevator Action" achievement. Dead Space 2 [Xbox 360/One - Download Code] Im Sequel zum hoch gelobten Spiel Dead Space kehrt der Techniker Isaac Clarke in einem neuen Abenteuer zurück, das den Spielern das Blut in den Adern gefrieren lassen wird. 15% increase in health restored by Med Packs. Successfully complete the game on any difficulty to unlock bonus elite suits in New Game+ mode. They can only be activated in the pause menu. Hacker Suit: Minimum of 25 inventory slots and 25% armor. This difficulty is equivalent to the Zealot difficulty, but only allows you to restart from the last saved game. Usually hitting a Tripod with the Detonator anywhere on the body will knock it off. Pulse Rounds: When you first meet Ellie, she will unlock the gate. Find the schematic before entering the vacuum in Chapter One. Tiger Camo Red Suit – Reach Level 49.

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