Dawn Redwood … The Dawn Redwood originates from Central China and was discovered in 1941. Dawn Redwood likes a regular schedule of even moisture. The trees … In November 2011, the SLAC National Lab dawn redwood trees … Dawn Redwood Tree, Metasequoia glyptostroboides, is one of our favorite shade trees. All of the Dawn Redwood specimens relate to this Chinese population.. The Dawn Redwood's … In 1995 a grove named the Crescent Ridge Dawn Redwoods Preserve was planted in the Appalachian region of North Carolina, and it is hoped that one day this 50-acre stand of trees will become … Dawn redwood tree planted on the courtyard property of SLAC National Lab located in Palo Alto. This Redwood Tree Has Stood the Test of Time When a tree species has endured since the time of dinosaurs, you can be assured of its ability to handle a host of challenging circumstances while continuing to thrive. This fast-growing deciduous tree is a popular ornamental. As with other Redwoods, the tree's trunk becomes deeply fissured and quite attractive when limbed up and exposed to allow pedestrian traffic underneath. Its needle-like foliage appears evergreen in the summer before turning deep gold to orange-brown in the fall. Dawn Redwood Shade Tree. Growing 3-4' annually, it reaches a … Two trees were given to the campus as a gift from scientists from China in 1965.

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