23,999. Energy Saver Plus Series – Less voltage, more savings. 41,999 . 61,499 . To know all about Dawlance products check our latest blogs & articles. It is an impressive mix of ergonomics and innovation is built to compensate for Pakistan's increasing electricity costs. Inverter series refrigerator provides 55% energy savings as compared to traditional refrigerator and is available in two elegant fascias, Mirror Glass Door and Stainless Steel. GD Inverter Refrigerator consumes 55 percent less power than conventional refrigerators. INVERTER SERIES This amazing combination of aesthetics and technology is designed to cater to the rising energy costs in Pakistan. Dawlance Refrigerators Price in Pakistan - Latest Nov, 2020 Prices Latest Dawlance prices start from Rs. No antifungal Gasket is present which reduces deterioration of food items. It should maintain cooling even on power breakdowns and should also save energy. The company has a wide market share, primarily due to its creative; high-tech refrigerators. Dawlance is a well-known home appliances brand in Pakistan, having about 37 branches across the country, or you can also find its store online. Dawlance offers a wide variety of refrigerators with different price ranges for you to choose from. 120,000 . So, don’t miss out on your chance to get your hands on the best fridges available in the market? Dawlance is the label of durability, and thus supplies you with Pakistan's most sustainable goods. To access the fridge, you have to bend down. Showing you 61 Dawlance Fridge Prices in Pakistan. Dawlance has a wide range of single door, double door and french door refrigerators like every other brand on the market. All Dawlance refrigerators come with outstanding efficiency and unique features. Dawlance 3 cu ft Bedroom Series (9101) Rs. Showing you 61 Dawlance Fridge Prices in Pakistan. Dawlance 18 cu ft (DW550) Rs. Dawlance refrigerators are the perfect solution for the issue of constantly servicing your old refrigerators every few months. 27,499 . As we have already mentioned, Dawlance has many different models of refrigerators, which means many different designs for you to choose from. For your home, it is a good choice for two parallel refrigerators or refrigerators with a deep freezer. This means it maintains cooling even when there is a shortage of power. All Dawlance refrigerators arrive with excellent efficiency and unrivaled features. Dawlance 15 cu ft Reflection Series Hzone Plus (9188WBHZP), Dawlance 15 cu ft Hzone Plus Premium (9188WB), Dawlance 12 cu ft Mirror Glass Door Inverter Series (9175WB), Dawlance 15 cu ft LVS Plus Series (9188WB), Dawlance 12 cu ft Signature Series (9175), Dawlance 19 cu ft Signature Series (91996), Dawlance 8 cu ft Energy Saver Plus Series (9144). All Dawlance refrigerators arrive with excellent efficiency and unrivaled features. Common models available in Pakistan are Dawlance LVS Plus 15 Inverter - 1 Ton, Dawlance LVS Plus 30 Inverter - 1.5 Ton, Dawlance Sprinter 15 Inverter - 1 Ton and Dawlance Enercon 15 Inverter - 1 Ton. A refrigerator is the biggest need of every house, and Dawlance provides such models that depict all the features and specs of a good refrigerator. It is evident that not every type of fridge serves the same roles. You can get to choose a fridge that would fit in your budget and also suits your kitchen. The company produces a wide variety of single doors, double doors, and french door fridges like every other brand on the market. The prices of Dawlance Fridge is collected from the most trusted online stores in Pakistan such as homeappliances.pk, daraz.pk, shophive.com, and alfatah.com.pk . Nowadays, the refrigerator has become a must-have appliance for your home not only for its job to preserve food but also to make your kitchen look modern. The collected prices were updated on Oct. 16, 2020, 12:52 p.m. Dawlance offers a wide range of home appliances, including refrigerators. You can learn the cheapest prices and Black Friday about Dawlance fridges in Pakistan on PriceOye. Dawlance prices in Pakistan are the most affordable for the full flexibility, quality and efficiency of its products. The best price of Dawlance Fridge in Pakistan is Rs.39,715 and the lowest price found is Rs.23,993. This list also has best inverter fridge in pakistan 2020. PriceOye helps you find the lowest online Prices of all Fridge sold in Pakistan. Dawlance respects its consumers' needs and desires and also delivers the latest and most effective domestic and kitchen gadgets. Dawlance is the label of durability, and thus supplies you with Pakistan's most sustainable goods. Best Inverter Refrigerator In Pakistan. till when can Dawlance Fridge be delivered in my area? A high-tech fridge is the one that holds the ultimate cooling system, state-of-the-art technology, and trendy style, and Dawlance makes all this happen.

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