Now You Can Make Your Favorite Cookie at Home! Email. Login. Subway’s new raspberry lemonade cookies are the bomb. Share options. This is a very sweet cookie. Pinterest Facebook Tweet. The raspberry cheesecake cookie is by far the thickest cookie on this list, and that ' s not a bad thing. Facebook Tweet. White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Cookies ~ Copycat Subway cookies but even better! Recipe Summary. Send Text Message. While prices may vary by location, my nearest Subway charges 79-cents for a single cookie, $1.89 for three cookies, and […] PIN IT FOR LATER! By dbosma10. It tastes just like, well, raspberry lemonade. Email. While the combination of macadamia and white chocolate didn ' t add to the other cookie, mixing raspberry and white chocolate does elevate this one. The new Raspberry Lemonade Cookie is only 200 calories and tastes sweet and sour. Load More Advertisement. The only problem is, they’re very hard to find, because they’re so good it’s become really hard for store operators to keep their cookie supplies stocked. Gallery. As you bit in, the smell of fruit invades your nostrils. By dbosma10. This recipe for white chocolate-raspberry cookies is just like Subway® makes 'em! Subway adds to its cookie lineup with the return of their popular Raspberry Cheesecake Cookie. Ok you need to RUSH to the store to get these ingredients for these White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Cookies. Save Pin Print. Share. Close. Send Text Message. Allrecipes. The returning fan favorite treat features American Neufchatel cheese, white chocolate chips, and raspberry jam bits made with real raspberries. This recipe for white chocolate-raspberry cookies is just like Subway® makes 'em! Learn More. Magazines & More. Not if your Subway has the seasonally themed and limited time only Raspberry Cheesecake Cookie, which aside from being cheap and delicious, also boasts the most insane marketing effort ever given to a half dollar cent fast food menu item:. This is a very sweet cookie. Imagine a freshly baked cookie with the luxuriously rich taste of cheesecake and tangy, ripe raspberries dancing a waltz of flavor on your taste buds.

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