Built in AI Gun Warmer. The Bray Calendar is a metal board, with a central dial and indicators, protected by Perspex doors. ... Wellness for dairy cows. Henceforth, Berseem can be harvested every 25 – 30 days. Email if you desire a copy. Dairymac - new catalogue coming! During this month the availability of fodder in the pastures is less and general animal nutrition remains low till the onset of monsoons. The system provides indications of expected heats, when to inseminate, calving, the need to dry off, confirm in calf etc. This month is characterised by high temperatures, the resultant effects of which on animals is dehydration, a decrease in body salts and appetite, a drop in production etc. Ensure that fodder storage areas are kept dry. Dairymac Bray Calendar eternally popular and enjoying a resurgence - must be the LED light kit.... Easy De-horning with Dr Larson's Horncheck Paste and Heavy Duty Lithium Steribud Dehorner... Animals should be given lukewarm feed and water to drink. Weak and sick animals should be covered with sack cloth to protect them from the cold. Livestock rearers should be cognizant and take care of this. LEDS! If there is a decrease in milk production, the milk and urine of the animal must be sent for testing by a veterinarian. During this month there is rainfall in a number of places. The dial works though a 365 day cycle and can identify what point in the breeding and production cycle each of your cows are, or should be. Perennial fodder grasses should be transplanted at this time and shall be ready for cutting in 40 – 50 days. To maintain the body temperature of animals in milk, they should be fed with a mixture of oil cakes and jaggery. Level 3, HWT Tower, 40 City Road Southbank, Victoria 3006. To protect the animals from ecto-parasites, their sheds should be kept clean. Cows should be mated within 12 – 18 hours of their coming on heat. There is a change in the weather from this month onwards, hence, due arrangements should be made to protect the animals from the onset of the winter. Make adequate arrangements to protect the animals from slush and floods. Lopping of leaves of fodder trees should be carried out during this month. Cutting of sown perennial grasses should be done regularly. For late March Calving Cows The beef production calendar is a management tool for producers to help them in scheduling practices pertaining to the cow herd over a twelve-month period. Draught animals should be allowed to rest in a shaded and airy spot during the afternoon till about four ‘o clock in the evening. The floor and walls of sheds should be cleaned and coated with lime solution. Preparation of silage from available green fodder should be carried out. 21 days after the sheep have been sheared, their bodies should be drenched with disinfectants to protect them against ecto-parasites. Depending upon the season, the content of the animal feed should be changed. Viva la UK! Deworming must be carried out during this month. range 2km! Telephone: 03 9694 3733. Packed with dairy cow goodies. 21 days after shearing sheep, their bodies should be drenched with disinfectant. To protect the in-milk animals from contracting Milk Fever, follow the directions given in the month of July. To protect in-milk animals from Mastitis, all their milk should be removed and after milking, their udders should be cleaned with a disinfectant. Alternatively, 5 – 10 grams of lime or 70 – 100 ml of a mixture of calcium and phosphorus can be given to the animals daily. Fodder crops of Alfalfa and Berseem Clover as well as Oats should be irrigated every 10 and 12 – 14 days respectively. At this time increase the quantity of wheat chaff and Jowar in the feed. Perennial grasses must be cut at this time. Despite the fact that green fodder is abundantly available, ensure that the fodder given to animals is mixed with larger quantities of dry fodder at this time. “My Bray Calendar tells me exactly when a cow needs to be dried off, and whenever something happens such as a cow calving you update her magnet and are able to check the rest of the herd at the same time. 42) must be done in this month. Alternatively, a lemon oil based disinfectant may also be used to keep the sheds clean. If symptoms of Haemorrhagic Septicaemia or Black Quarter are seen in animals, contact the veterinarian immediately. Physical Address: 161 W. Main St Spindale, NC 28160 Dewormers and anti-parasitical solutions must be changed over a period of time to counter build-up of resistance. Make appropriate arrangements to protect animals from exposure to sun and excessive heat. Sheep should be sheared during this month. James, Shows the condition of the herd or a single cow, at a glance, Easy to read back-up to computer based systems, Prompts action from staff and contractors from staff and contractors without requiring computer access, Blank or pre-numbered BRAY magnets from 1 to 975. Make it easy! After the birth of the calf/kid/lamb, the new born must be fed with colostrum within the first two hours. Mailing Address: P.O Box 865 Spindale, NC 28160. All my management decisions are based on what my Bray Calendar tells me and it is always consulted before the vet visits so I can tell him the status of the herd.”, Part Numbers: Bray Breeding Calendar and Magnets 488021 DAIRYMAC BRAY BREEDING CALENDAR C/W DOORS & 75 NUMBERED MAGNETS AND PEN 488022 DAIRYMAC BRAY BREEDING CALENDAR C/W DOORS & 75 PLAIN MAGNETS AND PEN 488306 DAIRYMAC BRAY BREEDING CALENDAR CALENDER C/W DOORS NO MAGNETS 488082 DAIRYMAC BRAY BREEDING CALENDAR PEN 488070 DAIRYMAC BRAY BREEDING CALENDAR MAGNETS PLAIN (10) 488075 DAIRYMAC BRAY BREEDING CALENDAR MAGNETS PLAIN PLUS PEN (75) 488409 DAIRYMAC BRAY BREEDING CALENDAR MAGNETS LONG PLAIN (40) 488033 DAIRYMAC BRAY BREEDING CALENDAR MAGNETS NUMBERED 1-75 488045 DAIRYMAC BRAY BREEDING CALENDAR MAGNETS NUMBERED 76-150 488057 DAIRYMAC BRAY BREEDING CALENDAR MAGNETS NUMBERED 151-225 488069 DAIRYMAC BRAY BREEDING CALENDAR MAGNETS NUMBERED 226-300 488331 DAIRYMAC BRAY BREEDING CALENDAR MAGNETS NUMBERED 301-375 488343 DAIRYMAC BRAY BREEDING CALENDAR MAGNETS NUMBERED 376-450 488355 DAIRYMAC BRAY BREEDING CALENDAR MAGNETS NUMBERED 451-525 488367 DAIRYMAC BRAY BREEDING CALENDAR MAGNETS NUMBERED 526-600 488392 DAIRYMAC BRAY BREEDING CALENDAR MAGNETS NUMBERED 601-675 488402 DAIRYMAC BRAY BREEDING CALENDAR MAGNETS NUMBERED 676-750 488422 DAIRYMAC BRAY BREEDING CALENDAR MAGNETS NUMBERED 751-825 488434 DAIRYMAC BRAY BREEDING CALENDAR MAGNETS NUMBERED 826-900 488446 DAIRYMAC BRAY BREEDING CALENDAR MAGNETS NUMBERED 901-975. Thanks for tweets about the Lamb Resuscitator. The quantity of green fodder must be kept in limited quantities in the animal feed, as it increases the chances of occurrence of diarrhoea and Acidosis in the animals. If there are adequate quantities of green fodder still available after feeding the animals, this must be dried in the sun and stored for periods of shortage. Ta James Mac. The calendar helps spot issues before they become problems. Hope it saves lots of lambs. Welsh Dairy Show This is especially so in the Jowar crop. The Bray calendar can be safely viewed by all staff, family and outside contractors without providing access to precious computer data. View our interactive product catalogue now, or contact us for your free printed copy. Adequate measures should be taken to protect the animals from the wet weather, as well as the drop in temperature when the skies clear after the rain. The dampness and smoke increases their chances of contracting pneumonia. More Scanne…, New Estrotect Breeding Indicator launches at World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin - with Breeding Bullseye. The Dairymac Bray Calendar system is used effectively by many dairy herds as a comprehensive and effective visual management tool and for those with a computer based system the Bray Calendar is an excellent back up and visual guide. Dairy Australia. Maize, Bajra and Jowar sown as fodder crops may be harvested after 45-50 days. Animals are prone to sterility and Johne’s disease during this time. Trackacow - Heat Detection, Calving Alerts & Welfare Alerts, New Steiribud Dehorner, Sharpshock Cattle Prod and Blitz Captive Bolt Stunner - Essential gear. It is, therefore, essential to mix salt solution in the mineral blocks fed to the animals. Postal Address. Calves should not be allowed to drink milk from mothers afflicted by FMD, as this can affect their hearts and lead to death.

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