A 50 weight thread is nice, but you… Piecing - This is where you sew fabric pieces together to make the quilt top. Quilting - Stitching (sometimes decorative) through the three layers of quilt, top, batting, and backing to hold them all in place. But the experts we checked have also said that you should use … However, using invisible thread can be more challenging that using regular thread … Some top stitching needles would be okay to use. Sure, you can use the same spool for the entire project, but if you want bold and bright or subtle and textured quilted lines, you’re going to need to change your thread (and bobbin). Or you can use the 70/10 or 65/9 microtex sharp needle. You can use this thread with a longarm quilting machine, in a regular sewing machine, and for hand stitching. What Needle do You Use for Invisible Thread. You may have a little choice in this area of sewing. Other posts you might find useful: 5 Must-Have Sewing Supplies for Beginners; How to Use … It’s great for basting, temporary seams, and trapunto. Using invisible thread can be a great way to quilt your quilt when you want the fabric and pieced pattern of the quilt top to be the star of the design, rather than the quilting itself. Quilting thread can be the same weight as embroidery, but quilting is also divided into threads for piecing and threads for the top quilting. (Trapunto is a puffy decorative feature where the underside of a quilt is slit and padding inserted, producing a raised surface on the top side of a quilt.) WEIGHT- Embroidery thread is most commonly a 35 or 40-weight thread. Many quilters like to use a 50-weight thinner thread … Just want to add texture to your top? Thread for quilting is a whole different beast! Some people who sew have had success with those sizes.

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