CABLE MACHINE ACCESSORIES; CABLE MACHINE ACCESSORIES. USD $59.99. Deluxe Tricep Rope . © Copyright 2020 Origin Fitness Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 0 stars based on 0 reviews £19.70 ex-VAT £23.64 inc-VAT Origin Single Handle with Rubber Grip Cable Attachment Engineered with black commercial steel this cable machine attachment can hold 900 LBS. Keep in mind, though, that the versatility of such a machine relies, partly, on the attachments you have for the machine. The Origin Multi Exercise Bar allows users to work multiple muscle groups through attachment to a cable machine. $50.00 ... 82cm Straight Bar cable attachment. The Origin EZ Curl Bar Attachment will attach to any cable machine through the use of a carabiner. 1499 Rs. The hardest part about picking the right cable machine attachment is figuring … Archon Lat Bar Pull Down Attachment. It can also work as a cable curling bar, and a bar for supine cable front rows. Heavy-duty welded steel with rubber coat... Lightweight, wide grip bar. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The Origin Single Handle with Rubber Grip attachment allows users to do more workouts from a cable machine and thus work more muscle groups from a single station. Home / Straight Bar Cable Pulley Machine Attachment. FITSY® Gym Cable Attachment : Rubber Grip Pull Down Bar. $48.99. Gym Cable Attachments Maximise the versatility of your gym. In-Stock. Origin Angled Press Down Bar Cable Attachment, Origin Single Handle with Rubber Grip Cable Attachment, Origin Multi Exercise Bar Cable Attachment, Origin 30inch Standard Lat Pull Down Bar Cable Attachment, Origin Fitness, 21 Cliftonhall Road, Newbridge, EH28 8PW. View: Sort by: Ankle Strap - velcro. Our weight machine cable accessories and attachments selection includes handles, thigh & ankle straps, tricep ropes/bars, lat bars, curl, pull-down & press-down bars, and more! VAT number: 943 404 534 | Company number: SC 339149. Pro Style Straight Bar; Pro Style 48" Lat Bar; Pro Style Netural Grip Lat Bar; Pro Style Triangle Attachment; Pro Style D Handle; Cable Machine Attachments. Tricep Rope. $59.99. Capable of 880 LBS this bar is strong and durable able to connect to your favorite cable … Details SKU: WTBC0104. Compare At: $759.99. The Origin Cable Attachment Rack is a stylish verticle rack with 19 holds for a variety of cable attachments. See all gym attachments, tricep rope, gym cable attachments, cable machine attachments, tricep attachments, curl bar attachment, tricep barbell, gym cable handles, and more. Out of Stock. This is a commercial quality cable pulley attachment that is designed for serious training. You can count on this lifting piece of equipment to handle a good amount of weight. Curl the straight bar up by contracting your biceps and moving your forearm, your upper arm should not move at all. $13.20 (inc GST) 85cm Bent Lat Bar cable attachement. Stand and face an adjustable cable machine with a straight-bar attachment positioned on the high setting. Regular price $31.00. For those looking for home gym attachments The ARCHON 18 inch Black Chrome Straight Bar Cable Attachment is ideal for those wanting to challenge arms, back, and abdominal. Body-Solid Tools 6-Piece Cable Machine Attachment Bundle. The Origin Straight Bar attachment allows users to work specific muscle groups from a a cable machine. Product Description - DESIGNED FOR DURABILITY: Made from solid steel, this chromed revolving straight curl bar provides unmatched toughness. These quality attachments undergo an injection mold process that impregnates the metal shaft with rubber creating a solid adhesion. The Origin Ankle Strap boasts a thick, 7mm, ankle padding that provides superior comfort. ... Body-Solid Tools Aluminum Revolving Straight Bar MB022A. FTA. Hold this position for about one to two seconds before bringing the bar up to the initial position. PX Sports. Fitness Factory carries a large variety of cable machine attachments including cable bar attachments, rope attachments, stirrup handles, harnesses & more. Cable Attachments Do you need cable attachments for your home gym or weight stack machine? 1499. new. Sold Out $79.99. Cable bar attachments are by far the most popular and most used cable machine accessories at any gym. 1499 Rs. View: AllHome GymsRacks & CagesFree WeightsWeight MachinesCross TrainingCardio MachineAccessoryOutlet Brands, © 1988-2020 Fitness Factory and Stand straight and bring the upper arms near your body so that they are perpendicular to the ground. Grab the bar with an overhand grip, your hands shoulder-width apart. In Stock. All rights reserved. 1988 #1 for Service and Selection, In Business for over 30 Years! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. A cable bar rack keeps all of your cable attachment bars and accessories neatly organized and easy to find. Sold Out $47.00. $29.99. Additional chains or hooks enable most of these bars to skip the weight stack and attach directly to weight plates. At Fitness Town you will find a large selection of cable attachments for any type of cable or pulley system. Cable attachments come in all shapes and sizes. The Angled Press Down Bar allows users, through a cable machine, to work the Triceps. Cable Straight Bar Biceps Curl Form: Stand up straight with a cable straight bar attachment, rotate your palms until they’re facing towards you and tuck your elbows into your sides. NOW £29.99. 2 Reviews. Curl until the bar is at shoulder height. The rotational bar provides a natural movement and releases stress on the users back. Attachment: Straight Bar The Cable Curl is great because, unlike traditional barbell or dumbbell curls, there is constant tension on the muscle. In-Stock. Sold Out $164.99. Body-Solid Tools Tricep Pressdown Bar MB504. You save 22% BodyMax Pro 34 Inch Front Lat Bar Attachment ... Equip your multi-gym with new strength training handles and discover a completely new strength machine. Make sure the forearms are pointing towards the pulley. Out of Stock. $40.00 (inc GST) Single Stirrup Handle -Steel. SKU. Bar Attachments. Here is a selection of Gym Cable Machine Bar Attachments including Lat and Rowing Bars, Curl Bars, Tricep Rope and DAP Pulley Handles suitable for all Fitness Equipment. ... 20" Machine Bar W/CT Handgrips . Straight Bar Cable Pulley Machine Attachment . Each bar features a hard chrome coating and a 35 mm rubber grip ergonomically designed for extreme comfort and control. Fitness Factory offers a full assortment of attachments that use cables for resistance. 1499. new. 2 Reviews ... You save 18% BodyMax Pro 24 Inch Straight Lat Bar Attachment.

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