The Shure Beta 91A is my favorite mic to use inside of a kick drum, both live and in the studio. The Shure C98D is the ideal replacement cable for Beta 91, Beta 98S, and Beta 98D/S Microphones. Shure Beta 91A Condenser Kick Drum Microphone The Beta 91A half-cardioid condenser boundary microphone is optimised for kick drums, as well as traditional low end applications including piano. The Shure Beta 91A is a boundary microphone that can double as a kick drum mic, as it can capture the punch and attack of low-frequency instruments such as kick (bass) drums.It features a wide frequency response well suited for capturing a variety of audio signals such as organ and piano. Its flat design means that it doesn't use a mic stand, so it's easy to place inside the drum. The Shure BETA 91 is a high performance condenser microphone with a tailored frequency response designed specifically for kick drums and other instruments. Use only genuine Shure replacement parts and accessories UPC: 042406072748 General Description The Shure Beta 91A is designed for use with kick drums, piano and other traditional low frequency ap-plications. It combines superior “attack” and “punch” for studio quality sound, even at the extremely high sound pressure levels (SPL) encountered inside a kick drum. An updated microphone capsule is tailored for bass-heavy environments to produce a powerful low frequency response, and a new design integrates the Shure Beta 91A - microphone overview and full product specs on CNET. BETA 91A BETA 91A. Beta 91 should add attack and punch to recordings. It can handle SPL’s of up to 155dB and respond to the full frequency spectrum (20Hz – 20kHz). It is designed for use low profile applications like inside kick drums and grand pianos. It provides superb attack and “punch,” and delivers studio quality sound, with minimal distortion even at extremely high sound pressure Being a boundary mic, it has a hemispherical polar pattern that picks up all of the tone and resonance inside the drum. The Shure Beta 91 is specifically designed for kick drums and other bass instruments. The built in contour switch gives the mic more low-end punch. 2. Shure Beta 91A is an electret condenser utilizing a half cardioid which is very characteristic of a proximity or boundary mic. problems w/Shure Beta 91 Post by jeddypoo » Fri Dec 16, 2005 4:30 pm I have been trying to record with this sucker lately- it used to give me great bass response and nice attack, and I suspect something happened to it, because it's mostly just ugly mids now. Its boundary effect design produces a

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