After that two unfortunate events took place, and later the French President declared Islam a “religion in crisis”, hurting the religious sentiments of the Muslims all around the world. France had published the caricatures of Prophet Muhammad PBUH in their French Magazine Charlie Hebdo which created an outcry in the Muslim world. Boycotting French goods .. Paris calls to stop it, Macron: We will never back down and Imran Khan accuses him of attacking Islam, The pinnacle of aggravation? french products in pakistan, boycott france products, products from france, france products in pakistan, france church attack, 2020 french open !…boycott French products France had published the caricatures of Prophet Muhammad PBUH in their French Magazine Charlie Hebdo which created an outcry in the Muslim world. Expansion of the boycott of French goods due to the offensive duties ... condemnation from Morocco, action in Kuwait, anger in Pakistan, and Macron refuses to back down. # Boycotting French products 31, - Province of France (@FranceBoycottee) November 27, 2020. Here is the complete list of French Products to boycott for Muslims in the protection of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Recent tensions between France and the Muslim world has sparked a boycott movement, prompting Qatar’s Al Meera to remove all French products from its stores.. Qatar’s flagship Al Meera supermarket has removed all French products from its shelves after calls for boycott grew louder across the Arab and Muslim world, the corporation announced on Friday. The leaders of the seven ASEAN countries and Pakistan will also deliver a video speech, The CIA controlled not one but two Swiss crypto companies, Iran: State media report death of top nuclear researcher after attack, Bundestag decides to ban plastic bags - criticism of environmental aid, Vendée Globe: Dalin alone in the roaring 40ths, Rouillard saws his foil - France 24, The athlete Benjamin Compaoré sentenced to six months in prison suspended for domestic violence - France 24, Alpine skiing: Pinturault wins a royal final in Lech - France 24, Fifa: Platini and Blatter now prosecuted for fraud in Switzerland - France 24, Hotel openings only for guests from MV are often not economical. It is important to have your permission to do so before collecting such data. On Monday, hashtags in Arabic on Twitter calling for French boycotts were trending high. Enter your Email and get all Islamic Posts in your Inbox! You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. A funeral home worker took a selfie by Maradona's body - showing a thumb, one hand on the deceased's face, The Mossos arrest a young woman after reducing her with a Taser gun in Sabadell, A beating almost to death to the supercontagative side of Malasaña, "At his own expense": the scientist intends to purchase the Sputnik V vaccine for retirees in Bergamo, Industrial espionage against Sweden is increasing, In the video ... the full details of the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist Fakhrizadeh, The opening of the China-ASEAN Expo on the 27th: President Xi Jinping will deliver a video speech. They say they won’t be harmed, but we know they’re boiling from anger inside!! The Libyan minister added that mocking the noble Prophet "represents an act that offends the feelings of Muslims and causes more incitement and hatred among followers of different religions. ", During the same meeting, the Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Yusuf bin Ahmed Al-Uthaimin, said that the organization’s position "will remain firm in condemning anti-Islam rhetoric, regardless of its source, insulting Islamic symbols, and refusing to link Islam and Muslims with terrorism.". To protect the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Muslims all around the world are now boycotting all the products that are “Made in France”. In fact, beaucoup d'Americans have decided to boycott French products such as wine and cheese, in an effort to hurt the country's economy. By legal texts that require Muslims to support their Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him. To answer it, the French President, Macron allowed the Magazine to publish the cartoons of Prophet Muhammad. Siala's condemnation came during his participation in the 47th meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Niger. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. The cartoons and Macron's statement sparked a wave of anger among Muslims around the world, and campaigns were launched in many Islamic and Arab countries to boycott French products. The marking of boycotting French products is still among the most popular hashtags in a number of Arab countries, with the boycott campaigns arriving on the 31st day, which came in response to the French president's support for publishing insulting cartoons of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace. Sultanate of Oman: ranked 9th, with more than 58.8 thousand. Boycott French Products (#BoycottFrenchProducts) trends on Twitter. or the embedded content. The Islamic Information is your authentic platform of getting Islamic Articles, News, Duas and much more. On 26 October, Turkish President Erdogan called on Turkish people to boycott French products. It is worth noting that these statistics do not provide a comprehensive picture of the extent of interaction with the campaign to boycott French goods on social networks, by virtue of the fact that many Arab and Islamic countries use Facebook to a much greater degree than Twitter use, noting that Facebook does not provide the tag service The most popular example on Twitter. Hashtag 'Boycott French Products' trends in Muslim countries. Jordan: 6th place with more than 58.5 thousand. Are you boycotting French products? By clicking “Accept”, you agree to the use of ALL cookies.

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