The Black walnut has its origins in the United States, whereas the English Walnuts, which are also called as Persian walnuts, have their origins in Persia. Their shells are thick, tough to crack, and will likely stain your hands. Walnuts: 10-14 halves; Sunflower or pumpkin seeds: 1/4 cup; Shell your nuts. Black walnuts, or English, (also known as common walnuts)? In Spain and Latin America the walnut is known simply as the “nut” or “common nut”. Swap nuts for less-healthy foods. Regular “English walnuts have been shown to decrease cardiovascular disease risk; however, black walnuts do not appear to have not been studied for their cardioprotective” benefits—until now. Sprinkle toasted nuts instead of croutons on your salad. Table 1 shows the basic nutrient composition relative to Black and English walnuts. Black Walnuts on the other hand have a bolder, earthier flavor. There’s no such thing as a “superfood,” but walnuts come pretty darn close. From a healthy heart to stronger bones, the benefits of walnuts will wow you. In England the English walnut is called the common walnut.. Black Walnuts Composition Black walnuts are nutrient dense foods that contain high levels of lipids, protein (approximately 15% of energy), fiber, vitamins, minerals and also other bioactive molecules, such as phenolic compounds and phytosterols. Get full nutrition facts and other common serving sizes of English Walnuts including 1 cup, in shell, edible yield and 1 oz. The higher omega-3 content of black walnuts also means they’re nutritionally superior to English walnuts, which are already widely regarded as a … Both the Black walnuts and English walnuts belong to the same genus, Juglans. They also have higher concentrations of protein. Black walnut trees are not really cultivated on the same scale of English walnuts. There are 185 calories in 1 ounce (14 halves) of English Walnuts. Black vs English Walnuts. Cracking open peanuts, walnuts, or pistachios may slow you down, especially if the shells remind you of how many you’ve eaten. They mostly grow wild across central and eastern parts of the country. 2. In particular, black walnuts have a significant higher fatty acid content than English walnuts.

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