-Handyman, I find that running around some crate or anything similar, he can rarely catch you and you can unload on him each time he pauses. With the Gear Winter Shield it's so easy, easier than medium. @54 i was just wondering the same thing and popped on the laptop just now to look into that! Second for anyone who's trying this, it's hard as hell to start but once you get the shield it's not too bad. If you die with less than $100 in your wallet, you get thrown back into the main menu. Xbox Achievements is not affiliated with Microsoft or Xbox, it is owned and run by Resero Network Ltd. All other registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. @57 Opening dollar bill machines does NOT disable the achievement, as long as you don't buy anything from it you will be fine. That's perfectly legit. There's really only 4 tough spots in the game to worry about. Only buying from them will void it. everyone is saying this is easy but its more annoying then hard. most checkpoints are right before a fight anyway. Then again, the first game's list wasn't anything special either. @36 you haven't even beat the game, so you cant really be saying what your saying. I'm extremely disappointed because the game was difficult at times so next playthrough I'm not touching anything. oups, Handyman, i posted above to run around some crate and stuff, that works on easy level but on 1999 level, use the rail until he electrify it then let go and shoot him while he is hanging. Just got the achievement. It is worth 75 points and can be received for: Completed the game in 1999 mode without purchasing anything from a Dollar Bill vending machine. Kills her in about 30 seconds. Gear pickups are random, so just restart a checkpoint to get a different gear if it isn't Winters Shield. The brother and sister are blocking the exit and then you start looking for the three tears. i stopped here 1st but ima try n google it n see what other info there is on it. 1999 mode isn't all that bad. Fully upgrade them. wow...first fireman killed me and my lonely pistol and then i was taken back to the main menu...this is gonna suck, @Monro: Having said that, I WILL not be starting out on this difficulty using the konami code. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE MACHINES. i def dont wanna risk it tho this far into this playthru thats for damn sure! at the most I have died twice at a place just from being over ambitious. This should be interesting. I reccomend doing this achievement on your first play through as it really makes you experience everything in the world, where as on hard supplies are abundant and you will likely miss a lot following the direction arrow around (in 1999 the arrow it removed leaving you to navigate on your own). Just place upgraded devil kiss bombs before your encounters (where she spawns) and youll be done in a sec(nd. Not too tough, but a good challenge. That doesn't end up there on accident and the reason people know its there is from interviews with ken Levine. @13 well put sir. Well i might be screwed, this cheevo might be the only way keeping me from perfection. @45 According to a guide on Trueachievements you are allowed to buy vigor and weapon upgrades. @1 I agree, it seems like this will be Infinite's version of Brass Balls. Just got this today. Got this done, incredibly difficult to fight Lady Comstock without vending machines. Such a dull list for a truly anticipated title. Pretty basic until you fight 3 wave in Fink's (i think that is his name) place. Please post it in the, BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition Achievement Sessions, BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition Achievements, BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition walkthrough, BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition Forum, Scavenger Hunt achievement in BioShock Infinite (Xbox 360), Scavenger Hunt trophy in BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition (PS4), Scavenger Hunt achievement in BioShock Infinite (PC), Scavenger Hunt trophy in BioShock Infinite (PS3), © 2020 TrueGaming Network Ltd, All Rights Reserved. NICE! Completed the game in 1999 mode without purchasing anything from a Dollar Bill vending machine. Also better loot those baddies! Ammo is scarce. Good luck! If you completed all the levels you unlock additional content for the game which is where the handyman gear came from. I did this and the achievement popped up! However, since we don’t want just anybody stumbling across it by accident and getting overwhelmed, we’re toying with the idea of “unlocking” it from the main menu. Siren battle is easiest with charge vigor fully upgraded; vampire, brittle skin and that fire melee gear with a shotgun equipped. Be sure to equip the correct gear for your situation. Pistol, rpg, machine gun, etc. First to the guy who thinks the konami code wasn't meant to be there come on. buying items in the vending machine was the only way keeping me alive on hard. Definitely glad I did this too start. Up,Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, LEft, Right, B, A, I would strongly recommend getting the Winters Shield gear. BioShock Infinite . This was a total b*tch to get. :D. doing the second playthrough on 1999 now and was wondering about a "teared" vending machine in hall of heroes.. it is a dollar bill in a vox populi-look. Died a couple times. Not the best ever but the game is great so that def makes up. @26 how do you get 1999 mode to carry over? But if you find food or pop that you don't need, exit the trashcan or wherever you're searching and leave it for later. But at least i was able to put some info up here about it cuz alotta other peeps were asking the same question elsewhere. Can I use the other two types of machine? Be sure to equip the correct gear for your situation. I mostly used the Carbine, machine gun and volley gun. N damn i wish it had somethin worthwhile in there for me cuz once i found out i could use the damn thing i opened it n found that it only had a shitty pistol upgrade anyway n i didnt wanna waste the creds on it! I did from gamestop n all i got was a cheesy weapon skin that i didnt even notice for the shotgun!! on the 3rd fight, snipe her from the balcony right at the top of the stairs next to the vending machines. cant figure it out...cause everything i try ends up with a new game reguardless.....any help? Credit to Ashbo for the Avatar and Banner. Have you got any tips or tricks to unlock this achievement?Add a guide to share them with the community.

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