Brine salmon chunks 8 or more hours, keeping refrigerated.. Rinse thoroughly after brining. To ensure that your smoked salmon is still moist, try not to exceed an internal temperature of 145 degrees, consider removing from the smoker at 140 degrees and resting. During the process of hot smoking, the salmon is cooked, reaching an internal temperature of 160 degrees. Mix thoroughly. Manufacturing Big Chief and Little Chief Smokers In 1968, the Little Chief smoker along with a line of smoking wood chips were introduced to the sport fishing industry in the Pacific Northwest. Pat dry with a paper towel and allow to air dry for at least one hour prior to smoking. A better quality is achieved if the smoker gradually rises in temperature, bringing the salmon up to the final temperature slowly. Smoking a salmon fillet in an electric smoker that is ¾ inch thick should take no more than four hours at 165 degrees. The Big Chief heating element will heat the smoking chamber to approximately 165°F. The Big Chief Smoker, a mixed-case of some of Sonoma and Napa county’s best wines, and a mixed-case of local beer! The Luhr Jensen Little Chief and Big Chief Smokers are great for smoking salmon. The Big Chief smokers are electric and plug into any standard 3-prong 110-120 AC outlet. The Big Chief is recognized by serious fishermen and food lovers as the product of choice for smoking their catch of salmon, trout and steelhead making them the most popular line of fish smokers sold in North America. The Little Chief was quickly recognized by serious fishermen as the the product of choice for smoking their catch of salmon, trout and steelhead. The Big Chief is perfect for smoking salmon, trout, other fish, jerky, sausage, fruits, nuts, cheese, turkey, bacon, hams, steaks and really any other types of foods.

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