5. As the only Fusion Rifle capable of using both Rampage and Kill Clip at the same time, Techeun Force can kill almost any Major in Destiny 2 with a single burst when its buffs are active. Lead from Gold also allows this weapon to be used like a Primary in PvE if players build around Heavy ammo spawning. It lacks a proper niche in PvP, but its damage potential gives it purpose in PvE. Season of the Worthy brought Timelines' Vertex back into the world pool, complete with random rolls and new perks. A high aim assist value also helps this weapon feel more like a long-range shotgun with charge time than a typical Fusion. He is currently a Freelance writer for TheGamer and Game Rant. Its second Kill-Clip like perk allows this weapon to deal tremendous damage in the right circumstances. Loaded Question is a Pinnacle Fusion Rifle that can be earned after a long quest from Zavala. This perk makes Merciless ideal for killing bosses or tanky Majors. This is a great weapon for any Fusion Rifle fan regardless of activity. [Top 10] Destiny 2 Best Fusion Rifles and How To Get Them In my experience, fusion rifles don’t get a lot of love. For PvP, Timelines' Vertex is surprisingly good. Shop for Destiny 2 Best Exotic Sniper Rifles And Destiny 2 Best Fusion Rifle Mod Pvp Ads Immediately . The next fusion rifle I have to mention is Jotuun. Its low ammo reserves can be circumvented with Fusion Rifle ammo finder and Fusion Rifle scavenger perks. It results in an opening burst that deals incredible damage from any range. Destiny 2 brought new weapon archetypes for players to experiment with. Fans of Telesto frequently call it the "besto" of Fusion Rifles, and they have a point. Introduced in Season of Arrivals, Hollow Words is one of Destiny 2's more unique Fusion Rifles. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers, The 10 Biggest Changes To Hades Since Its Early Access Days, Destiny 2: Ranking Every Planet From Worst To Best, Pokemon: 10 Oldest Gym Leaders, Ranked By Age, 15 Games To Play If You Like Rocket League, The 15 Best Indie Horror Video Games Of All Time, According To Metacritic, Destiny 2: Every Warlock Subclass, Ranked, Destiny 2: The 5 Best Lost Sectors (& 5 Everyone Hates), The Witcher 3: 10 Mistakes Everyone Makes While Playing Blood & Wine, Pokemon: 10 Counter Attacks That Only Work In The Anime, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity – 10 Things to Know Before You Start, The First Fire Emblem Game Gets Localized (And 9 Things That Could Lead Up To This), 10 Things Only Pro Players Know You Can Do In Demon’s Souls PS5, The 10 Best Side Quests In Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Pokémon: 7 Ridiculous Gen I Rumors People Actually Believed (& 7 That Actually Turned Out To Be True), Yu-Gi-Oh: 14 Monsters With The Highest Attack, Ranked, Ranked: 14 Best Video Game Heroes Of All Time, Pokémon: The 15 Strongest Dark-Type Moves, Ranked, 10 Cyberpunk 2077 Delay Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words. It pretty much outclasses any legendary fusion rifle right now, and is not that difficult to obtain. ". RELATED: Destiny 2: Ranking Every Planet From Worst To Best. This weapon can be obtained from the Last Wish Raid. Erentil FR4. With an understanding of games for as long as he can remember, Charles has a large interest in understanding what makes things fun. It’s particular great at burning majors and is strong versus bosses as well. And finally Telesto is similar to Loaded Question as it is great versus majors, but with much less splash damage potential, but without the need to be fully reloaded and better single target DPS. Using Elemental Capacitor with a Void Subclass will give this weapon an immense boost to stability that can put Erentil in its place. Check out our all-encompassing lists below: Destiny 2: Best Swords for PvE, PvP, Gambit (2020), Destiny 2: Best Trace Rifles for PvE, PvP, Gambit (2020), Destiny 2: Best Auto Rifles for PvE, PvP, Gambit (2020), New Sakura Wars Game Sakura Revolution Gets Release Date and Gameplay Trailer, Sony Will Broadcast PlayStation Partner Awards 2020 on December 3, Nier: Automata 1/4-Scale Masterline Figures Look Absolutely Gorgeous (and Expensive) in New Trailers, New Genshin Impact Trailer Introduces New Character Xinyan, Ghost of Tsushima Getting Handsome Jin Sakai Figma Figure, Destiny 2: Best Fusion Rifles for PvE, PvP, Gambit (2020).

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