Great importance is placed on the use of traditional hand tools that have been in use by artisans since medieval times including the adze, inshave and spokeshave. Ditchling Bespoke Handmade Dining Tables Weaveley Table. Victorian scrubbed top table bases were generally made from pine and the tops were made using pine planks. Aveton Table. To clean the table top it would have been scrubbed by hand using a wooden scrubbing brush. The tables were made for practical use and not necessarily for the look of the table. Alternatively, we can wax the table top for you. Handmade Kitchen Tables. If you have a bespoke handmade table project in mind, whether it’s a copy of a table on our site with different dimensions, a complete one-off or a table you have seen elsewhere, we will be very happy to discuss your requirements and provide a quote for your bespoke handmade table project. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; Dimminsdale Table. Our original Victorian pine floorboards have a real authentic feel which is hard to replicate. And there’s no risk of the finish being scratched off. Thank you very much for creating such a unique and wonderful table. Our pine plank tops are made from reclaimed scaffold boards and are ideal if you’re looking to add a rustic feel to your home. Coasters are recommended to prevent marks. We will also send regular updates and photos. If you’re looking for a bespoke dining table, we can create a custom table design design for you that’s specifically tailored to the exact style and size you’re after. Improving with age, zinc table tops look great even after a few hundred years of use. At UKAA we love the little details. All finishes can have nailed detailing around the edges for a more industrial feel. Contact us today for any help or to discuss your exact requirements. Looking for that one-off bespoke table designed just for you? Examples of bespoke handmade dining tables commissioned by our clients. You can selectively provide your consent below to allow such third party embeds. For any more information on the natural metal table tops we offer, contact us. We work closely with our clients to hand-build the very best products. Commissioning a bespoke handmade table is a once in a lifetime purchase. It’s the perfect size for lots of friends and family, a large roast dinner and some fine wine. Our natural copper, brass and zinc tabletops are made from full thickness sheets of the finest natural metal. Please note: Due to how the solid metal sheets are rolled through the mill during production, there may be visible imperfections within the sheets that can’t be polished. The three images below show the tables with an 80mm taper, 70mm taper and a 60mm taper. We only use solid sheet metal for our bespoke tables, made from all-natural materials. Coasters or place mats will be needed to protect the table top if you don’t want to leave any ring marks. This is very popular for people who like a modern but slightly used look. The finishes available for our metal tabletops are: All we would need from you is a detailed drawing or template design for your bespoke kitchen worktop, so that we can make you exactly what you need to your specifications. Here at UKAA we take great pride in our British-made bespoke range of made to measure tables, bespoke kitchen worktops and benches. If you’re looking for a table made of something other than timber, we also work with man-made stone surfaces, acrylic, steel, … This is noticeable in certain lights with the natural finish tabletops. Unlike other metal plated tables where a thin layer of metal such as brass or zinc is applied over steel, the look of our bespoke copper, zinc and brass table tops will improve with use. Quercus Furniture specialises in producing traditional handmade refectory tables and contemporary bespoke handmade tables using the finest reclaimed and sustainable timbers to our customers own specification, taste and requirements. We love it. The ‘Natural’ finish is polished with a peak paste and gives a very chic, stylish and modern look. We use the best quality MDF and we can make the thickness to suit the specifications for your bespoke kitchen worktop. This is noticeable in certain lights in the natural finish. We love creating unique furniture for our customers, so your new piece of furniture will be more than just one of many similar styles – it will be a truly handmade oak dining table in design and finish and even oak type. The grain of wood has been expertly crafted to match throughout the table turning it also into a piece of art. Postlebury Table. The dotted line shows where we fold the metal to on the underside of your bespoke worktop. The prices below are for our standard specification that includes: Victorian scrub top tables were often found in the servant quarters of a large house or a family kitchen. Clawcross Table. Bespoke handmade tables crafted to your own design and specification. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; ESTABLISHED 1976 Discuss ideas and possibilities. Email:, Handmade Live Edge Oak Slab Dining Table with Metal Legs, Bespoke Waney Edge Slab Dining Table with Metal Base, Handmade Waney Edge Oak Slab Table with Metal Base, Contemporary Bespoke Handmade Oak Dining Table, Bespoke Handmade Live Waney Edge Slab Table, Bespoke Live Waney Edge Oak Handmade Dining Table, Large Elm Bespoke Handmade Waney Edge Slab Dining Table, Large Bespoke Arts & Crafts Style Oak Dining Table, Handmade Live Waney Edge Dining Table with Metal Legs in Walnut, Live Waney Edge Oak Slab Handmade Dining Table, Bespoke Handmade Extending Refectory Table in Pippy Oak, French Style Handmade Oak Refectory Table, Handmade Waney Edge Kitchen Table & Bench in Walnut, Bespoke Handmade Kitchen Table in Reclaimed Elm With Oak Base, Traditional Oak Refectory Table with Tudor Chairs, 12 Seater Handmade Traditional Oak Refectory Table and Chairs, Handmade Farmhouse Refectory Table & Chairs, Bespoke Oak Refectory Dining Table & Chairs, Lime Washed Handmade Oak Refectory Dining Table & Chairs, Handmade Farmhouse Refectory Kitchen Table in Oak, 16 Seater Handmade Refectory Kitchen Table in White Oak, Handmade Rustic Oak Refectory Table with Golden Finish, Bespoke Handmade Reclaimed Oak Refectory Table, Handmade Extending Oak Refectory Table and Chairs, Bespoke Handmade Oak Refectory Kitchen Table, Handmade Dark Oak Refectory Kitchen Table, Handmade Dining Table with Reclaimed Elm Top And Reclaimed Oak Base, Reclaimed Elm Handmade Dining Tables with Dark Finish, Contemporary Bespoke Handmade Table in Flamed Ash, Handmade Oak Refectory Dining Table with 8 Frame Chairs, 1987 Storm Handmade Reclaimed Oak Dining Table. The image below details an example diagram for a bespoke kitchen table. Bespoke Kitchen Island Table in Lime Smoked Oak. Thank you for our beautiful ash dining table and designing exactly what we wanted. All Rights Reserved -, We use cookies to enhance your experience while using our website. Here is what some of our clients say about our bespoke handmade tables. We work closely with our clients to hand-build the very best products. We specialise in natural copper and zinc bespoke tabletops and reclaimed timber finishes. Quercus Furniture specialises in producing traditional handmade refectory tables and contemporary bespoke handmade tables to our clients own design, specification, taste and requirements.

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