Also, the C-4 is quite a bit lighter than the C-2 even though it’s thicker on one end. Even so, they will deliver decent results for the money. Drum Mics. Behringer is a company that has prided itself in making high-quality, affordable products. Cam­i­lo­Gra­ba­ciones. Behringer C-2 micro­phon test | AB pair. Free postage. 5 product ratings. Online-guide. Youtube. Drum Mics. Studio Condenser Microphones Pair of 2 mic's. Youtube. The Behringer C-2 is a stereo pair of condenser microphone designed for capturing vocals or instruments. Feri Takacs . Ratings and reviews. 4.6. AU $335.13 +AU $61.23 postage. Write a review. Behringer C-2. 3 users rated this … The microphone features a wide frequency response and a low-cut filter eliminates low-frequency noise. Show all. The C-2 Stereo overhead mics for drums are no different. Vis alle. Behringer c2 Gra­ba­cion en estereo / Cami­lo­Gra­ba­ciones. Equip­ment: Das Mic - Behringer C2 Stereo-Set. Behringer C-2 Stereo Overhead Mics. Daniel Len­gies. Vis alle. Cami­lo­Gra­ba­ciones. AU $112.00. Re: Behringer C2 mics by Steve Hill » Sat Jan 09, 2010 10:21 am They come with a couple of mic clips, windshields, a stereo bar and a little flight case, which is pretty good value for under £50. Youtube. The Cheapest Overhead Microphones for Drums. Youtube. Behringer C2 Mic Demo - Acoustic Guitar. Equip­ment: Das Mic - Behringer C2 Stereo-Set. The microphone is matched in frequency and sensitivity for accurate stereo recordings. The Behringer C-2 are very similar to the C-4 both in price and quality, they have a few differences though; The C-4 is 3 dB more sensitive than the C-2 but has a 4 dB lower maximum sound pressure level. Behringer C-2 microphon test | AB pair. item 3 BEHRINGER C-2 BLACK CONDENSER MICROPHONE AUDIO 3 - BEHRINGER C-2 BLACK CONDENSER MICROPHONE AUDIO. Kley De Jong. View Latest Price. Show all. Feri Takacs Online Guides. Behringer C-2. Show all. Show all. 5. Behringer c2 Gra­ba­cion en estereo / Cam­i­lo­Gra­ba­ciones. Daniel Len­gies. Youtube. These are the best budget overhead drum mics. Vis alle.

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