The avocado lace bug was first discovered in Pearl City, Oahu, in December and was subsequently identified on Hawaii Island and Maui, the state Department of Agriculture said. Avocado lace bug (Pseudacysta perseae) adults and nymphs are shown in this photo. The pest insect has not yet been reported on Lanai, Molokai or Kauai. It’s in the laurel, or Lauraceae, family. You're reading a premium story. Pseudacystaperseae. /*> Water when it’s very dry (as it has been recently on Oahu). More than 200 varieties of avocado are grown across the state, including the Sharwil variety, which is typically grown for commercial production and exported out of state. So, with avocado lace bugs, if you can reach the leaves, first shoot the pests with your garden hose on full blast; spraying the undersides of the leaves to try and wash away the bugs and their eggs. It was in December of 2019 when the first avocado lace bug was discovered feeding on avocado leaves in Pearl City, Oahu. The avocado lace bug, Pseudacysta perseae (Heidemann) (Figure 1), was originally described in 1908 as Acysta perseae from Florida specimens. It has not been determined how the lace bug was introduced in Hawai`i. Identifying the Avocado Lace Bug. The crushed pests give off an alert pheromone, signaling other insects to stay away from your prized avocado tree. Here are some quick facts, field survey photos, and photos attached. Read More . The avocado lace bug … It has also been found in the Waialua area. Quarantine interceptions have been made on plants for retail distribution on Maui and have been either treated or destroyed.

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