In several cases, Lanier’s biography also lines up with content in Shakespeare’s plays, and different versions of her name are used as character names throughout the Shakespeare canon, which some claim she included as hints that she was the true author. Manners was a patron of the arts who was renowned for his keen intellect. Born into a powerful family, Herbert was a true renaissance woman. Of the sixty-plus candidates for the “true author,” Sir Henry Neville is one of the … Another crucial piece of evidence concerns Shakespeare’s famous love sonnets, some of which tell of an affair with a younger man who was himself seeing a dark-eyed, dark-haired woman. Greville was well known for his writing skill, and his position as a court spy had taken him all over Europe. And relevance, in academia, is the name of the game. Shaw’s letter goes on to name-check … He spent most of his life as a regular fixture in the Queen’s court, but he also distinguished himself as a patron of the theater and as a lyrical poet. Proponents of the idea point out that in the Elizabethan era it was not unusual for plays and other forms of fiction to be co-written by multiple authors. With this in mind, many have argued that the notion that she wrote Shakespeare’s plays herself is not that far-fetched. There are a number of theories surrounding the authorship of Shakespeare’s plays, but most are based on one of the following three ideas: The William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon and the William Shakespeare working in London were two separate people. Nicolas de Largillière, Wikimedia Commons. Those who believe in Mary Sidney’s candidacy would say it was because the author was in fact a woman. Scholars agree that Shakespeare was aware of her work, and may have even used her The Tragedie of Antonie as a template for his play Antony and Cleopatra. Scholars have long noted feminine touches and voice in the work of Shakespeare. Just because some scholars have found their niche by writing controversial theories that have no practical (or provable) basis in fact, doesn’t make those theories accurate. Other times got worse as the rewriting continued en masse. According to Marlovians, the group who assert Marlowe to be the true author, the young poet did not actually die at the age of 29. Stanley was the true author, but was unable to attach his name to his work out of fear that being a published, commercial writer would sully his reputation as a nobleman. It’s a shame that his word is only as good as a history book. Biographics – History, One Life at a Time. This date, which can be traced to a mistake made by an 18th-century scholar, has proved appealing to biographers because Shakespeare died on the sam… Although the details of her life are incomplete, Lanier is remembered today for being one of the first professional female poets in England. Our newest biography website and YouTube channel. The man was a true polymath. She had the background, intelligence, and desire to create writing on the level of Shakespeare, and her social position as a woman gave her a perfect motive: at the time, no lady would have been allowed to have her plays performed in the theater. Born Emelia Bassano, she was married to a court musician, but spent several years as the mistress to the first cousin of Queen Elizabeth. The nobleman and politician was educated at Oxford, traveled throughout Europe, and even served for some time as the English ambassador to France. They have also studied his biography closely and found many parallels between his life in court and characters and events in Shakespeare.

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