The measurement of student learning through assessment is important because it provides useful feedback to both instructors and students about the extent to which students are successfully meeting course learning objectives. learning, teaching and assessment more effectively, either as a language learner or as a member of one of the professions concerned with language teaching and assessment. Though there’s something to be said for old-fashioned paper and pencil methods, new technologies are evolving daily to assist teachers with this task. 1.5 CHARACTERISTICS OF CLASSROOM ASSESSMENT 1.6 LEARNING THEORY 1.6.1 Behaviorism 1.6.2 Cognitivism 1.6.3 Constructivism 1.7 CLASSIFICATION OF ASSESSMENT 1.7.1 Prognostic Assessment 1.7.2 Formative Assessment 1.7.3. In book: Realising Exemplary Practice-Based Education (pp.143-150) Authors: PhD Lambert Schuwirth MD 9 Ways to Assess Student Learning Online. Student assessment has changed in the new millennium. Assessment as Learning . This form of assessment is crucial in helping students become lifelong learners. In The Difference Between Assessment Of Learning And Assessment For Learning, we explained that “assessment for learning is commonly referred to as formative assessment–that is, assessment designed to inform instruction.” Below, we offer 6 types of assessment of learning–very briefly, with simple ways to ‘think about’ each so that you hopefully wake up with a better grasp of each type. In this article, we’ll look at different ways to assess student learning using technology. 57031 views . Assessment as learning develops and supports students' metacognitive skills. 11 minutes . As students engage in peer and self-assessment, they learn to make sense of information, relate it to prior knowledge and use it for new learning. Assessment is the process of gathering and discussing information from multiple and diverse sources in order to develop a deep understanding of what students know, understand, and can do with their knowledge as a result of their educational experiences; the process culminates when assessment results are used to improve subsequent learning. They will not be concerned with specific ways in which teachers, examiners, textbook writers, teacher trainers, educational administrators, etc. may use the Framework.

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