... Arturia AudioFuse Studio … The numerous connections make AudioFuse Studio extremely flexible: MIDI, CV, optical, … A premium 8-channel option. The Universal Audio Apollo Twin is the baby of the Apollo family. However, for those just wanting to dip their DSP toe into the UAD-2 plug-in world, there is now the new Arrow Thunderbolt 3 bus powered interface. The AudioFuse … "The sound of the Arturia AudioFuse Studio is truly outstanding and of course it provides latency-free monitoring. Apollo Twin-X Duo £790. Arturia AudioFuse 8Pre. Though it lacks the extensive and versatile audio I/O of AudioFuse Studio, Universal Audio’s entry-level Apollo interface makes up for it with its onboard DSP processing, access … The AudioFuse 8Pre is a compact audio interface with 8 channels. It has premium components and a ton of awesome features. Arturia AudioFuse Studio While it is better known for its software and hardware synthesizers, Arturia has put together a very compelling recording interface with the AudioFuse Studio ( Rating: 8/10 ).

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