A BASIC program consisted of lines of numbered code, and to start writing a program, you’d just type “NEW” to clear the Apple II’s memory, then type a number (you’d generally start with “10,” to give yourself a little room in case you wanted to add an earlier line of … The Apple II, or Apple ][, became one of the most popular computers ever. All Apple II's include a "monitor" program in ROM. One assumption with the rev 0 replica kit, is that in order to complete it, you will find an old Apple II plus for the keyboard, power suppy and case. Starting with the II+ model, all Apple II's have floating-point Applesoft in-ROM. Apple ][js is an Apple ][ emulator written using only JavaScript and HTML5. With the ROM card installed, I can boot to the Apple II + ROM prompt. New features include a color display, eight internal expansion slots, and a case with a keyboard. Remember, folks, you read it first in Call-A.P.P.L.E.. “Convert”, by Ron Aldrich using the disk, will create a text file from an Integer BASIC program listing, call Applesoft, and presto, your program has been converted. Released one year after Apple II for $1195 Apple IIeuroplus: a II+ with a different logo and the ability to display video in black and white PAL (European TV) format. Original selling price was $1298 Apple II+: included at least 48k RAM, ran Applesoft BASIC. It works best in the Chrome and Safari browsers. Entering CALL-151 from the BASIC … Applesoft BASIC ROMs and the autostart Monitor that come in readily available Apple II plus systems work just fine in a rev 0 board. It has color display, sound and disk support. Although it is a vast improvement over the Apple I, it contains the same processor and runs at the same speed. The Integer ROM Dilema. I found these in the back of a manual for II in a Mac, one of the first Apple II emulators that ran on the original Mac and Mac 512. The Aldrich brothers strike again. I have the following ROMs on the motherboard 3410001 3410002 3410003. Owners of early Apple II's can load in Applesoft or plug in a card with Applesoft ROMs. It came out in 1985. I have an Apple II that I am working on, but I am having a problem getting the system to a prompt, when booting to what I think should be integer basic. Apple II Programmer's Reference Here's a brief list of Applesoft, Integer Basic, DOS 3.3, and ProDOS commands with descriptions. The original Apple II's have Integer BASIC. Woz Integer BASIC in ROM: Apple II - 1977 . Posted by Bill Martens Apple II Applesoft BASIC Converters Integer Basic Programming. Apple II: basic system, came with 4-64k RAM, and ran Integer BASIC.

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