It tastes slightly sweet, sour and spicy. Cabbage Tomato Curry Cabbage Tomato Curry is spicy and delicious that can make a good combination for chapati, puri or rice. 5)You can serve with appam or idiyappam. 20 min 1 ora 40 min brinjal curry for chapati Read recipe >> vankaya gasagasala kura recipe / brinjal poppy seed curry recipe / andhra brinjal curry recipe A different curry from the usual brinjal curry … This adds thickness to the curry. If you are looking for more gravy recipes to be eaten with roti, paratha or naan then do try paneer tikka masala, paneer butter masala, matar paneer etc…. Variations: Addition of carrots, beans or any vegetables. Potato curry shared with a video procedure here is suitable to be eaten with rice, roti or poori. Gummadi Kaya Koora-Sweet Pumpkin Curry-Andhra style Gummadi Kaya Kura or Pumpkin Curry is a popular dish from Andhra, South India. This onion curry is simple and easy to make side dish for chapati. When you are short of ideas on what to make for a quick dinner, then this comes to aid. We mostly dry the coconut and store it as copra powder, comes handy when you came side dishes like this. 4)This curry can be served with chapati, roti, paratha or phulka. It is a pure veg curry made using diced potatoes in … Onion Curry ~ Easy Side Dish for Chapati. 3)You can add very little roasted gram dal or cashews or any nuts along with coconut when grinding.

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