Don't overextend into an inevitable wrath but steadily cut off options and life totals. Format: Commander User Submitted Deck Deck Date: Dec 19, 2018 Archetype: Anafenza, the Foremost. You have Crucible - I would suggest you add [[Armageddon]]. The only super spells heavy combo deck is a Melek deck. Avacyn's Pilgrim - White is a symbol we hold dearly. Xathrid Necromancer - (G) (MC)Armageddon - (G) (MC)Chord of Calling - (G) (MC)Voice of Resurgence - (G) (MC)Varolz - (G) (MC)Stern Judge - (G) (MC)Karador - (G) (MC)[[cardname]] or [[cardname|SET]] to call. Karador, Ghost Chieftain - Could almost be the commander in here. I have it as another copy of Grand Abolisher or a Defense Grid on legs. Arcane Lighthouse - Hexproof hoser. Nephalia Academy - Hoses discard matters decks. i either don't know what to cut, or don't own one yet. Make sure you cast anything else you want to the turn you cast it, as it looks at the whole turn. Linvala, Keeper of Silence - Lynchpin of the deck. Initially i built this deck to punish the decks that we considered "overpowered" at my kitchen table. It’s already bonkers low cost for exile at instant speed. 1x Anafenza, the Foremost. Anafenza watched her parents and uncle be slaughtered before … Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx - Great if you stick permanents, colorless if you don’t. A lot has changed since then, and I love this deck. Void Attendant - Hear me out… Could fill your board with eldrazi spawn! Giving your oponent the choice is never ideal, but we run a ton of recursion so it really doesn’t matter to us. Never quite plays the same, but gets consistent groans from the table. 3 for Capsize and stick your permanents. the mana is a mess, just horrible. Blood-Woven Victory(Tana/Tymna Recursion EDH). Sanctum Prelate - Oh boy with Gaddock Teeg out this will be frustrating! Sol Ring - I’ll grow a pair and cut it one day. Link below in the old description. Anafenza, the Foremost - Great stats for the cost. Those are both very good swords - better than Light and Shadow in most cases. If you stick this card you should either win or get really far ahead. This deck is a really fun one to pilot. Just double check before you cast. Feeds | Tireless Tracker - Clue tokens are great because when you are hosing out card draw, you crack them on opponents turns. Could also be another piece of hate. This deck is mana hungry. No, it was Linvala, Keeper of Silence? Kambal, Consul of Allocation - Makes storm kinda dumb. TappedOut.js Blog Widget, 1x Academy Rector (UDS) This will likely be used primarily in multiplayer games but also some 1v1 games. Plus, flying means a sword or Norn pump can be relevant. Scavenging Ooze - If you don’t happen to get the general online it can take care of the persistent reanimators. Really helps find the silver bullet for our fun police shenanigans. I haven't taken it out yet to actually play, but my meta is fairly combo heavy. Captain Sissay - Tutors out all the legendaries in the deck. Silent Arbiter - Helps us build a hate fort against swarms or multiple blockers. Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. Be careful, as this can really hose us, too. -[[Voice of Resurgence]] can be good, but it'll just eat removal (or they'll cast during another person's turn). Gaddock Teeg - HAHAHAHAH! For the Swords, they were the last cuts of this build. Tutor him out early, tutor him out often. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ casual playgroup. Gaea's Cradle - Can the deck function without it? Cryptolith Rite - Turn our hate into mana! Anafenza Hatebears. -[[Xathrid Necromancer]] while he provides tokens, that's about it. Reveillark - Speak of the devil! Vizier of the Menagerie - Tons of creatures in the deck, also allows you to look at the top of your library in response to things. Very relevant hatebear herself in the form of GY hate. More relevant than it appears. Ghostly Prison - Stops us from being overwhelmed quickly. Can you win without it? Again, as with most of our bears, this guy can hurt you, too. I also prefer their stats but I saw the sidebar comment. Control Thalia, Heretic Cathar - I like the heretic. Eidolon of Rhetoric - With the spell hosing! I think that Body and Mind has a higher rank in this deck than in others due to the amount of replacement graveyard -> exile effects built into the deck. -[[Varolz]] is mediocre - the counters are nice, but you shouldn't need them. They have to be disruptive as well. it'll get tweaked. Note this one doesn’t hose us at all! Path to Exile - Even more fun with Ob online! It's kind of a "build your own Nulamog" scenario. Kaalia of the Vast hates this cleric. Aven Mindcensor - Path to Exile is funny, and it even makes fetchlands bad. Birds of Paradise - Now we’re cooking with gas! Don’t forget about Dryad Arbor! Should really be like Magus of the Fittest or something. I guess it combos with Urborg. Krosan Grip - How many combos does this stop? Revealing it isn’t ideal, but hey. -[[Stern Judge]] is, again, pretty bad. Anafenza, the Foremost Godless Shrine Overgrown Tomb Horizon Canopy Temple Garden Verdant Catacombs Windswept Heath Bird of Paradise Eidolon of Rhetoric Eternal Witness Ethersworn Canonist ... (though I'm building towards a Karador Boonweaver instead of Anafenza hatebears… Meren, Jarad, Talrand, various stax builds, and Animar are all present. Deathrite Shaman - Honestly, not that great in my meta, but my meta is odd. From land to creatures. Aegis of the Gods - Having hexproof can be really nice. Terms of Use | Any color is massive. I’m sticking with the old artwork on this one. Boy will your opponents get scared of him, so he eats removal, too! This annoying message will go away once you do! It's got a few main win conditions in it, like Living Plane and either Elesh Norn, Grand Cebonite or Linvala, Keeper of Silence. My meta runs a bit of everything, but tons of removal, and we tend to play long, grindy games. I tried to follow rule 1 of Hatebears: don't play spells that just deal damage. Great recursion engine. sideboard are cards i am thinking of including. The hard part about this deck is you should tune it for your meta. Sidisi, Undead Vizier - 4/6 deathtouch and tutor. This dude happens to get bigger while you do it! The metagame is less competitive than this board probably imagines but I'm fine showing up with a better deck than they're prepared for. If a creature card would be put into an opponent's graveyard from anywhere, exile it instead. Press J to jump to the feed. It’s epic when that happens. Survival of the Fittest - We run a ton of reanimation in this deck. We are in the best colors for removal, might as well run the best removal. If you don’t own one buy one. Twilight's Call - Just for when the smug blue player countered your Living End. I tried to follow rule 1 of Hatebears: don't play spells that just deal damage. Also, if you can, get Sword of Fire and Ice and Feast and Famine. Dryad Arbor - Surprisingly useful. Also prevents stripping your hand from a key piece. Phyrexian Arena - This card advantage will add up much more quickly than the life lost will hurt. Français; August 6, 2015 August 12, 2015 | Evan Cherry . This could easily be card draw or ramp if you want to go faster. 1 Original timeline 2 Alternate timeline 3 Story appearances 4 In-game references 5 References When Anafenza was younger, her family was betrayed and given to the Sultai. Anafenza Counters Anafenza Counters Anafenza Counters: bofur25 55 tix $ 114 Anafenza Commander Anafenza Commander Anafenza Commander: icakicak 47 tix $ 287 Anafenza, the Foremost Anafenza, the Foremost Anafenza, the Foremost: davidscavo 35 tix $ 141 Anafenza Anafenza Anafenza: SH4K3Y 42 tix $ 300 Hateayuladeck2.k Hateayuladeck2.k Hateayuladeck2.k

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