Someone give me an amen, Someone give me an amen. (on Christmas morning) amen, amen, amen CHORUS: Amen, Amen. Amen, amen, amen, amen (Ӏi��H3���J|�M8�g��O�B�16u�8� !GHt����Em�O��ϾH*���BP,U�4@�9��]UD;xo��ά��z=)b�ڳ�+g�D$�E0qT�v:�O�q`n)��@ԇ餝=a. (Hallelujah) amen (See Him at the Jordan) amen (Chorus- Sbahle) Can I get an Amen? [Verse 1] It’s by amazing grace He saves us, Amen, brother, amen. (See Him in the temple) amen If there's anybody here who's seen His power, anybody here brought through the fire, say amen. Amen, brother, amen! Oh how I love to sing His praises, Amen, brother, amen. (who marveled at His wisdom) amen, amen, amen (wrapped in a manger) amen Blessing and honor and glory and power amen. (in deepest sorrow) amen, amen, amen (in pomp and splendor) amen, amen, amen %��������� [Verse 2] (talkin’ with the elders) amen Anybody here found joy in the midst of sorrow, peace in the storm, hope for tomorrow, and you've seen it time and time again, just say amen. Amen, amen, amen (talkin’ to the fishermen) amen (Sing it over) [Verse 4] Amen Lyrics: Amen, amen / Amen, amen, amen / (Sing it over) / Amen, amen / Amen, amen, amen / (See the little baby) amen / (wrapped in a manger) amen / (on Christmas morning) amen, amen, amen (prayin’ to His Father) amen [Intro] Amen written by Charity Gayle, Joshua Sherman, Steven Musso, & The Emerging Sound VERSE 1: Behold, Jehovah, seated on the throne. (Sing it over) Amen, amen Amen, amen, amen. Amen Lyrics & Chords By Edens Edge (D) I heard from a friend of a (Em) friend of a friend that (Bm) You finally got rid of that girlfriend (A) You finally came out of that love coma boy (D) I've heard Mary Jane at the (Em) powder-puff beauty shop (Bm) Saying that blond in her tube top (A) She left our Jimmy for a boy in Illinois Pre-Chorus (G) Someone give me an amen, (A) Someone give me an amen. Come on and say Amen Chorus 2 Am7 G Anybody here brought through the fire C G Say Amen Am G/B ... listen to the mp3, transpose the key, see the capo chart, and get the lyrics, or request to make it available. I have found a wonderful Saviour, Amen, brother, amen! [Chorus:] Can I get a Thank God Hallelujah You finally saw what she was doing to ya Your mama called it and she was right Glad to see you saw the light. (amen, amen, amen) Leader: See him at the temple (amen) Talking to the elders; (amen) How they marveled at his wisdom. Verse 1: (See the little baby) amen, (wrapped in a manger) amen, (on Christmas morning) amen, amen, amen. Amen, amen Post by jossy123 » Thu Sep 17, 2009 9:37 am Greetings to you in Jesus Mighty Name. (See the little baby) amen They make me feel like I oughter, Amen, brother, amen. (Amen) X2 Can I get an Amen? Just say amen. %PDF-1.3 Chorus I like soap and I like water, Amen, brother, amen. (and He lives forever) amen, amen, amen. (but He rose on Easter), amen, amen, amen (then they crucified Him) amen Amen, amen, amen Amen, amen Whole town nearly hooped and hollered She drove away nobody stopped her Na na na na na na, I'll say it again Someone give me an amen. 4 0 obj Amen Chorus All: Amen, amen, amen, amen, amen (congregation continues “amens”) Leader: See the little baby (amen) Lying in a manger (amen) On Christmas morning. (See Him at the seaside) amen (and makin’ them disciples) amen, amen, amen [Verse 3] [Chorus] Amen, sister! (where John was baptizin’) amen xݘ�n�F���)��lY�hګ4���4r��–i;����#�u����RKJ�� Holy is the Lord. Worship Together is the best and most comprehensive resource on the web for worship leaders, worship bands and worship teams. Amen, amen. Chorus I must not fail to appreciate you All for your efforts in making all this old songs available for me in particular because they are songs have been looking for in the time past but cannt lay hands on. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Abba, Father, the Well that overflows. Traditional - Amen Thank you for visiting Amen (written by Jester Hariston) Chorus: Amen, amen Amen, amen, amen. (and savin’ all sinners) amen, amen, amen �M����w����c����-J{a��{��.쪶��W��˞F���j'��=��յ�niǣ�x\���U�^�Yi�S���G'�h,����͞]_���6{�����'���\���|i_,�Ž�[�ʨI�*mQL�WU�U}̝�Y||�����~=�騪�'����ͻu`OŹ��.������;/D�����%��wn\P{!� �\�Qb��� 1 2�O������fW�Y��>�ន��i���Ջ���(A$���K�|��|h���[!_PR���Sg���P�����}�?�6cQtI�*ڋ
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