This mode provides you with a number of benefits: All edits to original the AIA text are noted (even if Track Changes was turned off, and regardless of whether the changes were made in a custom template), added to the document by project and document-specific dialogs, or made by collaborators. You can create your own custom template in the Online Editor by changing the text in an existing template or in a draft document and then clicking Customize as Template. You can sort your list of contacts by clicking the column headers. tab contains two “wizards” to assist you in selecting the right template: , which helps you select a template by answering a series of progressively more detailed questions that filter the available set of AIA templates. The information stored for contacts you create is not project-specific, meaning that one contact can be associated with multiple projects. The D401 Certification of Document’s Authenticity should be signed by the person responsible for the content of the edits made to the document (typically, a project manager or principal). After the project has been saved, you must click the, The project team lets you identify the various members of the project team and their respective categories, e.g., the owner and the architect, from your list of, tab is a central location to manage your contacts. Select the check box beside each document to be included in the project manual (you may select PDFs from multiple projects). You can create and edit draft documents by either editing offline in Microsoft Word or editing online in the Online Editor. You can perform a variety of tasks from this tab, including: The Template Library tab contains all the standard AIA Contract Documents templates, which are the basis of your draft documents, and comprise the AIA text only. sub-tab) and click the template name. This information will be automatically populated into your documents. . It provides quick and easy access to recently accessed documents and templates. See the list of variance checking rules here. – The document is generated in Word in DOCX format and is a working draft that you can continue to edit. When you add a contact a project team, that contact’s information can be auto-populated into a document created for that project. Type a group name and description in the spaces provided and click. With exception to certain forms, document text outside the gray fields may also be edited. For live assistance with AIA Contract Documents and using the online service, visit our support page. Once you’ve found the right template for your needs, you can create a document draft using that template in the Projects Tab. You can generate a final document by importing a draft document from your computer and finalizing it in the online service. To attend a live training on online service basics, register here. You can remove a document from the project manual by unselecting its check box. You can you can generate a final version of an online draft from within the Online Editor or from the. Confirm the default name or provide another name. The Home tab is what you see when you log into the online service. Enter as much information for the firm and its representative as possible. Note: The Share For Review feature and the ability to insert clauses from the Clause Library are not available when editing offline. All standard AIA templates are accompanied by a. displays the complete AIA template in PDF format, which can be useful when selecting the right AIA template for your specific needs. You can refer to the terms of service here. tab is what you see when you log into the online service. . a. If a user is in more than one group with Read and Read/Write permissions to a certain project, the least restrictive permissions will apply. This information will be automatically entered into the document, . Refer to the digital signatures page for more information. You can then import your edited draft to your project in the online service, where it can be finalized. Use the arrow buttons to arrange documents in the order in which you want them to appear in the project manual. These are stored in the Template Library under the AIA Templates tab. Click and drag headings to filter contacts. There are a variety of tools you can use to find the right templates for your project. You can enable the Online Editor in your settings by setting your default editor (found in your document settings) to “Always Online.” When you create a draft, you can make edits directly in the Online Editor, using the top toolbar to make additional edits and utilize the Online Editor tools. Note: If you do not see the Finalize option, you may be looking at the Recent Activity preview. The following guide will help you navigate the online service to manage your construction project data and create your own contract documents. When you purchase two or more unlimited annual accounts for company staff, you can designate a license administrator on behalf of the multi-user account to oversee the licenses, manage users and groups, configure project and group permissions, and share information. For companies with multi-seat licenses, the license administrator can publish custom templates, clauses, and contacts so they are available to all company users. To finalize a document from within the Online Editor: – All the additions to and deletions from the document are indicated in the margin, parallel to where the changes occur. Do not delete these chevrons, as they are important for formatting in the final document and are removed automatically when a document is finalized. While some forms require editing through the Online Editor, we otherwise recommend editing offline with your draft documents. To Remove a group, select the checkbox for the desired group and click. Creating a document from the Template Library At the top of the menu, click on Template Library and then click on More Actions next to the document you would like to work on. In the offline draft, fields that require input are shaded gray and are indicated by a pair of chevron characters (« and »). next to the desired user-specific template. You can allow for digital signature placeholders in your final documents in your. You can allow for digital signature placeholders in your final documents in your document settings. When editing offline, the templates you select (with exception to some forms) will download as a Microsoft Word documents on your computer. . , which lets you select up to three templates to compare. The user is added to the users list with a status of “Invited,” and a welcome email is sent with instructions for logging into the AIA Contract Documents online service. To include. Clicking a link filters the available templates accordingly. Final documents are produced as a read-only PDF in which the variances from the standard AIA template are marked using the Variance Checker. permissions allow a user to view data for a project but not change it. – The checked draft is generated as a locked (read-only) PDF file. Side by Side Comparison, which lets you select up to three templates to compare. to access the document management options. When finalizing an agreement, the Signing Authority dialog will prompt you for the name of the certification signatory. To unpublish a contact, click Unpublish next to the desired contact. If you selected the digital signature placeholder option, a new digital signature placeholder page is inserted in your final document immediately after the written signature block and the notation “see attached digital signatures page” is inserted in the written signature block. Answer the questions and click, When editing offline, the templates you select (with exception to some forms) will download as a Microsoft Word documents on your computer. Standard AIA templates are the basis of your draft documents, and comprise the AIA text only.

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