Fax: 250-537-4699 Paige Flanagan Driver: epickering@acecourier.ca calgary@acecourier.ca rnikkel@acecourier.ca Branch # 7-1 V2K 5B6, Staff listing & Contacts 100 Mile House, BC Operations Manager: Emergency Hotshot line Melony Kryschuk tferrier@acecourier.ca Grand Forks   Csirois@acecouier.ca Address: Fax: Branch and Sales Manager: 1368 Foest Rd. Branch Operations: Mark Wasyliuk St. John. Administration Staff listing & Contacts Quesnel, BC Dionne Robertson Dispatch: Branch Manager: Tamara Debalinhard Admin Operations: Operations Manager: Branch # 7-1   V9L 6W2, Staff listing & Contacts Bruno Gagno Staff listing & Contacts Abbotsford vernondispatch@acecourier.ca Manager: Debby Moberg kamloopsadmin@acecourier.ca Manager, President & CEO Tracy Evans Branch # 16-1 Tamara Debalinhard 3106 9th Ave. North Administration: Tracy Evans Branch Manager: pentictonbilling@acecourier.ca Operations: Fax: 250-338-6222 Fax: 250-442-0320 Manager: John Wilkins Salt Spring Island Sandrina Preston Fax: 403-527-3841 V0K 2E0, Staff listing & Contacts dbutler@acecourier.ca Branch # 20 Admin Branch # 23 Branch # 23 Manager: Ashly Pickering 2865 Roberts Rd. Fax: 250-442-0320 calgary@acecourier.ca, Operations Supervisor calgarydispatch@acecourier.ca, Administration: Castlegar Allan Coutts Phone: 250-392-3830 Melony Kryschuk drobertson@acecourier.ca Operations Manager: Courtenay. Phone: 250-537-9699 Dispatch: Phone: 403-235-6444 Guy Easter SKYPE: djbopper. 5422 Hartway Dr. Staff listing & Contacts Castlegar, BC   Fax: 250-748-5768 mferris@acecourier.ca Sarah Nadeau tferrier@acecourier.ca, Address: Staff listing & Contacts 1368 Foest Rd. Operations Manager Manager: Colette Sirois lbuffie@acecourier.ca Address: Manager: V1T 8T5 Dave Judson cpeterson@acecourier.ca mkryschuk@acecourier.ca Administration: Melony Kryschuk Rianna Nikkel Administration: Pgdispatch@acecourier.ca, Address: Ray Rechsteiner Cindy Pickering Phone: 250-537-9699 Administration (Billing) Phone: 250-344-1018 Dispatch: | Designed by Nethosting. Sales: Staff listing & Contacts mbailey@acecourier.ca 821 11th Ave. Sales: dverbin@acecourier.ca Phone: 403-235-6464 Ace Courier Express Inc. 151 Potrero Avenue San Francisco, CA 94103. Address:   Branch Operations: Address: Peggy Klapstein Dave Butler Golden Tamara Debalinhard cireland@acecourier.ca Contact Us. Jeremy Briand Fax: Cameron Peterson Tammy Ferrier mwasyliuk@acecourier.ca drobertson@acecourier.ca 100 Mile House, BC duncan@acecourier.ca Branch Operations:     Laura Young   BC Staff listing & Contacts Williams Lake Peggy Klapstein Csirois@acecouier.ca, Dispatch: Branch Manager: Operations: Ashly Pickering Travis Deshannon harnold@acecourier.ca lbuffie@acecourier.ca Duncan, BC rlacroix@acecourier.ca, Dispatch Scott Pare, Sales Margaret Carter dnemeth@acecourier.ca, Accounts Receivable: Raj Chand Branch # 9-1 Administration: Phone: 403-235-6464 100 Mile House, BC Address: Dispatch Quesnel, BC You have about a million things to accomplish and it seems like not enough time to do it all. BC Dispatch: Sales: Bay 2&3, 7957 Edgar Industrial Way, Red Deer, AB Dispatch: Operations Manager BC V9N 7S7, Staff listing & Contacts gbains@acecourier.ca Operations Supervisor Dispatch: Sim Bhullar Address: Manager: Driver: Manager: V2T 6K5, Staff listing & Contacts Phone: 250-344-1018 rchand@acecourier.ca V0A 1H2 Fax: 250-442-0320 Laura Young Dispatch Phone: 250-338-9990 Rick Penner rnikkel@acecourier.ca   Driver: dcoe@acecourier.ca Scott Smith 133 Mcphillips Ave. Dispatch: Rianna Nikkel mkryschuk@acecourier.ca, Address: Acecouriersbb@gmail.com. Branch # 7-1 Tammy Ferrier Maggie Prince Roland Lacroix Victoria BC, V8R 6N3, Manager: Staff listing & Contacts Fax: 403-273-4415 Address: Lianne Buffie Grand Forks, BC Doreen McCully victoriadispatch@acecourier.ca Branch Operations: Branch Operations: tferrier@acecourier.ca Manager: Phone: 250-475-2022. V1C 2J4, Staff listing & Contacts Calgary, AB Branch Manager: Manager: Address: Keeping your world moving! Address: Ken Allison, Staff listing & Contacts Kelly Miskiw Quesnel pentictondispatch@acecourier.ca, Laura Young Phone: 250-395-1119 Administration Kamloops BC dnemeth@acecourier.ca Fax: 250-365-3775 Operations: V4N 4G1, Staff listing & Contacts Courtenay.   1095 Murray Drive Branch # 18 Fax: info@acecourierexpress.com. lbuffie@acecourier.ca Address: V2T 6K5 Manager: Sales Christie Larson Tamara Debalinhard jmcmullin@acecourier.ca Phone: 250-395-1119   V0K 2E0 kelownadispatch@acecourier.ca Branch # 11 Administration: srempel@acecourier.ca gbains@acecourier.ca, Dispatch: Phone: 604-852-8939 rnikkel@acecourier.ca pentictondispatch@acecourier.ca, Administration: Lianne Buffie 240 Exeter Road 108-1219 Commercial Way szelez@acecourier.ca Bay 2&3, 7957 Edgar Industrial Way, Red Deer, AB Operations Manager 2998 Kilpatrick ave. 7B #122-3016 10th ave. NE 524 Culduthel rd. Branch # 17-1 Sandrina Preston Hans Arnold Staff listing & Contacts Manager: Branch # 17-1 tdeshannon@acecourier.ca, Address: Medicine Hat Dionne Robertson mprince@acecourier.ca Administration   mcarter@acecourier.ca pentictondispatch@acecourier.ca, Address: 1218 Cariboo Hwy North   Sim Bhullar Branch # 14-2 Penticton, BC Medicine Hat Alberta duncan@acecourier.ca Administration: Address: V2G 4K8, Staff listing & Contacts Vernon BC Tamara Debalinhard V2C 5P2 Staff listing & Contacts Ace Courier Express. Ashly Pickering Manager: 2998 Kilpatrick ave. 7B B Prince George Phone 403-342-2269 Jim McMullin Cindy Pickering Lianne Buffie Branch # 17 gbains@acecourier.ca Address: Branch Manager: esunley@acecourier.ca Nathan Sancaster ace_courierexpress@sbcglobal.net Shauna Rempel V2K 5B6 We make sure your packages get where they need to be, when they need to be there, and completely in the same condition as when you packed them up. Staff listing & Contacts Jeremy Briand Duncan, BC Branch # 19 Mike Soniff. Paige Flanagan Pgdispatch@acecourier.ca Brittany Tim Address: pentictonbilling@acecourier.ca Phone: 250-426-2601 1218 Cariboo Hwy North Phone: 250-395-1119 Abbotsford Operations Manager: Rianna Nikkel Administration Administration   Fax: 250-537-4699 Abbotsford Fax: 403-329-3963 Lethbridge, Alberta Address:   V9L 6W2 Branch # 11-1 Golden BC. rnikkel@acecourier.ca tdeshannon@acecourier.ca bbaldini@acecourier.ca, Administration:     Merv Kreishman Address: Sal Valentino Rianna Nikkel Fax: 250-545-6331 Quesnel, BC Surrey, BC ksmith@acecourier.ca Pam Uhreniuk Elgin Pickering 2865 Roberts Rd. Address: Dwayne Coe victoriaaccounts@acecourier.ca, Dispatch: Margaret Carter Melissa Grismer Laura Young Fax: 250-475-2015.   Phone: 250-492-5000 Administration: harnold@acecourier.ca Accounts Receivable: V2G 4K8 V9N 7S7 Mark Ferris Phone: 250-748-5765 Branch # 17-1 Fax: 403-343-9390 Staff listing & Contacts 2865 Roberts Rd. Branch 15 Victoria, BC Branch 15 Manager: Grand Forks, BC Sales: rchand@acecourier.ca, Address: Phone: 250-961-9940 kmiskiw@acecourier.ca kpedersen@acecourier.ca tferrier@acecourier.ca Accounts Receivable: mbailey@acecourier.ca Sim Bhullar Fax: 250-392-3835 Fax: 403-273-4470 V8K 2T6, Staff listing & Contacts Rianna Nikkel Phone: 250-344-1018 T1H 5E5 Staff listing & Contacts cireland@acecourier.ca, Address: Fax. Lianne Buffie Clay Hall Fax: 403-273-4470 Quesnel V1C 2J4 Gary Wideman Fax: 250-492-8200 Tamara Debalinhard Fax: ksmith@acecourier.ca, Address: Fax: 604-855-5362 szelez@acecourier.ca lbuffie@acecourier.ca V2J 2Y4 Phone: 250-961-9940 Sim Bhullar Golden BC. A6 – 9305 194 St. Administration Victoria Duncan duncan@acecourier.ca Hans Arnold acecgr@shaw.ca cranbrookadmin@acecourier.ca Kamloops BC Phone: 250-365-0269   Dave Nemeth Administration Doreen McCully Address: Gurnek Bains 108-1219 Commercial Way 240 Exeter Road Administration: Rick Penner Branch # 11-1 Branch # 16-1

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