If you plan on getting cichlids, you really can't have more than one species in a 30 gallon. Get the best deals on 30 gal. Constructed from molded polyethylene for superior performance and long-lasting durability in all types of weather. Durable, impact resistant poly construction to absorb force with out breaking or cracking. A relatively large Sphinx and also a medium size SpongeBob SquarePants Pineapple house. This is the most rugged poly tank on the market. Sun Aug 05, 2012 4:24 pm I think that would depend a lot on the species though, I believe 6 bolivans rams would easily grow out and pair in a tank that size while apistos might be much more aggressive in such a small space. Molded-in aluminum drain fitting with 1 1/4″ plug in all 2′ deep tanks. 10 Points for best suggestion? I am cycling it first (fishless) and I have an idea of what I want in it. If you are interested in learning more about 30 Gallon Mixing Tank including pricing information and other details, visit our website or contact us. Sorry – We do Not carry nor stock the 55 gallon tank IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP! What are your suggestions on how I can stock my tank? High Country Plastics 30 Gallon Stock Tank by High Country Plastics: Amazon.com.mx: Deportes y Aire Libre Other options New and used ... from $30.08. Currently in are. 1 rainbow shark 3" (VERY mellow) 1 Dwarf gourami. I also have gotten a heater with a 50 gallon (200GPH) carbon wheel filtration system from MarineLand. Choose Options 30 Gallon Applicator Tank | 41799 3 zebra danios (used to cycle and I still have them and enjoy them) They all get along very well. Raised Garden Bed Metal Elevated Planter for Vegetable Flower Herb Round (4 ft.) 4.6 out of 5 … Finally, you have discovered the top 30-gallon fish tanks. We offer metal and plastic stock tanks in round and round end shapes. We have New 30 gallon stainless steel drums in stock. Finished in shop primer. I love Angels and Oscars but don't have space for a tank that large. It features a closed-lip design that is incredibly strong and wont buckle… I have 6 right now in a 10 gallon tank along with a crawfish, and they seem to be getting along just fine. 30 gallon stock tank. CALL TOLL FREE TODAY – Oil Tanks – and Reservoirs IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP 1-877-244-4883. Knowing such information, you will be able to find the right 30-gallon fish tank and compare which among them the most suitable for your needs is. $30 - $40 (1) $50 - $60 (1) $60 - $70 (1) $90 - $100 (1) $100 - $150 (4) $150 - $200 (5) $200 - $250 (2) $250 - $300 (3) $350 - $400 (3) $450 - $500 (1) ... 160 US GALLON POLY STOCK TANK WITH PLUG. I was also thinking of possibly stocking it with small cichlids (convicts maybe?). Livestock tanks can be galvanized or poly with different oval shapes holding anywhere from 35 gallons to 390 gallons. $181.99 $ 181. Tank: 30 Gallon/120 Liter Jewel Lido Filtration: Stock in-tank filter converted to refugium with Tunze eco chic refugium light 500grams of Seachem Matrix and a bit of Chaetomorpha Stock Return pump 160 g / h 600 l / h Heating/Cooling: Inkbird Controler with Stock 100w Juwel Heater & 2 usb fans The most important thing to keep your tank in order is to have a … I have gotten a 30 gallon freshwater tank recently. 7 respuestas. A stock tank is used to provide drinking water for animals such as cattle or horses.Stock tanks can range in size from 100 L to over 5500 L (30 to 1500 gallons) and typically are made of galvanized steel.These tanks are filled either by a pump, windpump, creek, spring, or even rely on runoff water from rain or melting snow.In Texas, ranchers refer to ponds and watering holes as stock tanks. FREE Shipping. You can also view our bottomless stock tanks for large stock tank … Sleek appearance features stepped sidewalls and reinforced ribbing to provide added strength and stability. 70 watching. 30 Gallon Fish Tank w/ Furniture Piece, Filter, Heater & Everything In Pics. Relevancia. Can also be ordered with Universal Mounting Bracket. Re: 30 Gallon Tank Stock Suggestions?

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