He observed, “Be it a case of Commerce, Politics, Religion, and War in every concern there is a management function to be performed.” Thus, management is universal in character. Coordination is the Soul of Management: Characteristics of Management: 5 Short Points, – 12 Different Characteristics: Multidisciplinary, Goal-Oriented, Economic Resource, Dynamic Nature of Principles and a Few Others, Essays, Research Papers and Articles on Business Management. Management cannot perform in the absence of authority. Disclaimer 9. Management as a Career: 4. Thus, the entity of the management is quite distinct from its various functional activities. It is regarded as an art because managing requires certain skills which are the personal possession of the managers. They require management to produce goods and services. The purpose of an organisation is to achieve defined goals, and the aim of management is to achieve them efficiently and effec­tively. In earlier days, management and enterprise were lumped into the same factor. Management is fast developing as a discipline and its scope and status is bound to increase in the times to come. Specialised knowledge and technical skill are essential for successful solution of any problem but basically such knowledge is not considered necessary for efficient management. It is the foundation of management. They change with the changes in the environment in which an organisation exists. Report a Violation 11. Apply calls it “efforts of other people” Massie says it “co-operative group.” Management is used in reference to the efforts of the group because the goals and objectives of an enterprise can be easily and effectively attained by a group rather than an individual. Without a goal, we will not know the resources to employ, the use of resources, or the need to use them. It is quite … Management is a Science as well as an Art: 4. A manager is expected to be a generalist and not a specialist. Fayol was the man who contributed fourteen principles of management which apply more or less in every situation. Management is applied to human groups which work in the society. Uploader Agreement. According to Theo Haimann: “Effective management is always management by objectives.” In the words of Terry “Effective management is extremely difficult to attain without definite objectives.” Hynes and Massie state “Management must be set objectives. It is needed at all levels 9. Since, five to six decades, management has attracted the attention of the academicians and practitioners to a greater extent. The prosperity failure of a business organization depends upon the optimum use of various factors of production. Management is a continuous process – As long as an organisation or organised activity exists, need for management continues. This management has got immense importance now-a-days because of increased trend towards standardization, automation, specialization and computerization of the activities. It must adopt its changing conditions, so, it is a dynamic system. Management may be understood in a broad sense when it comes to career or occupation. It now refers to a specialized group of people who have acquired the ability to carry out a project. 21+ Characteristics of Management – Intangible, Goal Oriented, Pervasive, Universal, Social Process, Transferable and a Few Others, – Most Important Characteristics: Management is Intangible, Goal-Oriented, Universal, Social Process, Group Activity and a Few Others. Such countless decisions are based on the data and analysis which constitutes the management. It is the force which assembles and integrates other factors of production like labour, capital and material. It also has a social obligation to make optimum use of scarce resources for the benefit of the society. Everything you need to know about the characteristics of management. A farmer should know the characteristics of the soil and a fisherman must understand the nature of the sea to get the best results from these resources. Terms of Service 7. Management is a Multidisciplinary Subject: 13. Management is both a science and an art. But the identity of the ‘Thinkers’ is quite different from the identity of the ‘Doers’. It is a rule-making and rule- enforcing body. However, the science of management is not as exact as physical science. Management is one of the most important and purposeful activity. It is considered to be science as it has developed certain principles, laws, generalizations which are more or less universal in nature and are applicable wherever the efforts of a group are to be coordinated. Efficient management can never be static. So, management has to depend on heuristics, intuition, and experience. Management aims at achieving some definite goals or objectives. The success of management is measured by the extent to which the organisational goals are achieved. Management is a dynamic and growth-oriented function. Group efforts in management are always directed towards the achievement of some pre-determined objectives. Management is a Profession 19. All the other factors of production are put to action or get activated by management. Privacy Policy 9. Characteristic # 1. Since it is executed by people, social evolution and thoughts of the era dominate management. It has elements of art and has characteristics of science. All the input resources are provided to managers and managers apply the principles of management, his knowledge and experience to get the desired results. It is taught in colleges and universities like other disciplines such as Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Political science, etc. Mostly the managers are decision-makers, i.e., marketing managers decide how to market, what to market, when to market, where to market, etc. Hence, goal orientation is a basic characteristic of management. Account Disable 12. The basic principles of management are applicable in business as well as in other organizations. It is necessary that the objectives of the management should be well defined at all the levels of management. Therefore, he joins hands with his fellow-beings and works together in order to satisfy his needs and wants in form groups and organizations. However, unlike other resources, it cannot be seen; it can only be felt. In other words, it seeks to harmonise the individual goals with organizational goals. The social environment is ever changing which provides a challenge to management. Synthesis 12. It involves the use of group efforts in the pursuit of predetermined objectives. It has become as a separate professional discipline. It can be studied, knowledge about it obtained, and skill in its applications acquired. Apart from time, we employ various resources such as men, money, and material for achievement of goals. Management is an ever-evolving phenomenon. Some of the major characteristics of management are as follows: 1. The decision-making process is a risk taking process. If we study management across vari­ous ages and areas such as business, government, or non-profit organisa­tions, there are some distinct characteristics. It is an unseen force. Similarly, managers should know the nature/characteristics of management if they have to get best results from it. Since the skill gained by a manager is his personal possession, this is the reason that management is also considered an art. Management is a separate identity. The management extends guidance about the optimum utilization of resources, man-made and human is the best way possible. Management is Intangible 2. Management as a Continuous Process: ADVERTISEMENTS: Management may easily be termed as a continuous process as all the managerial functions will ... 2. Operations research and sociology help in development of management science. Authority helps the manager to perform effectively. Management is now recognised as a profession as it possesses all the attributes of profession. Managers also harmonize the employee’s goal with the company’s goal for smooth functioning of organization. Management is a Group Activity 7. Business managers, Industrial managers, Officials of Government organizations, Officers of Education, Hospitals, Army – every Organizational head has to plan, organize, coordinate, control resources under their control to achieve their organizational goals.

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